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7 Arundel Street: Elliott RT and Kenneth C. Elliott to Patrick Newell and Jennifer Prescott, $1,000,000

3 Cyr Cir: North Shore Re Soln LLC to 3 Cyr Circle LLC, $610,000

49-R Elm St: Guy and Daphne Gill to Stepherly J. Hyppolite, $490,000

6 Jenkins Road: Mary Cronin to Joseph and Sandra Lacombe, $743,000

30 Linda Rd: Richard A. Pangonis to James A. and Alexandra E. Warren, $750,000

8 Tanglewood Way N: David B. and Paula R. Pinkney to Jason A. and Rebecca A. Berman, $905,000

14 Wildwood Road: Laurel A. Florio and Jill Lopresti to Dean Lopresti, $660,000

44 York Street: Marjorie F. Hitchen to Melissa Denoncourt, $670,000


105 Georgetown Rd: Christos and Margherita Lieropoulos to Lauren Keene Rhett and Lauren Keen, $1,380,600

131 Washington Street: Joseph C. and Katrina J. Leibovitz to Molly Hart Simmons, $975,000


59 Mill St Unit 307: Hakkila RET and Kristen B. Kahhila to Pauline M. and Joseph M. Tucker, $285,000

9 Royal Ave Unit 9: Rita Joan Tourville T and Sheila M. Robinson to Sheila M. Robinson, $169,814

81 Scott Street: Nicholas and Stacey Bellavia to Amy J and Andrew B. Crotto, $580,000

11 Small Road: Jan M Pangani to Chamnan Yiv and Hung Half, $685,000

115 Stuart Ave Unit 19: Adam Farinato to Filomena Divecchia, $357,000

177 Trout Brook: Richard M. and Nancy L.Leboeuf to Nancy G. Iovanni, $745,000

George Town

412 Andover St: Thomas A. Saulnier to Aishwarya Challa and Keegan Leitz, $600,000

298 North St: Michael Capo and Marvin Pena to Allison and Thomas Pogar, $725,000


94 Main Street: Brenda S. Harislake to Jeremy J and Catelyn Ma, $668,000

883 Salem Street: D & Patricia Nihan RET and Daniel P. Nihan to Jessica Schmidt and Michael Luongo, $624,950


2-1/2 15th Ave Unit 2H: Cheryl A. and Fernando Mancini to Amy and Randy Rios, $340,000

8 Comanche Cir Unit 8: Jane E. and Michael P.Eegan to 8 Comanche Cir Unit 4 RT and Giulia A. Day, $700,000

89 Crystal St: Janet Cormier to Ian C.Boudrow and Lianna Damore, $505,000

21-23 Dexter Street: Joseph W. Akiki to Ross Billings, $485,000

43 Douglas Street: 43 Douglas Street LLC to Jeffrey Bucha and Quinthe Fernando, $610,000

27-29 Dudley St: Atlantis Adventures LLC to Gabriel Diaz, $660,000

3 Kenoza Ave: Speedway LLC to 7-13 Kenoza Ave LLC, $150,000

7-9 Lamoille Ave: Maureen C. Dawkins to Jason and Jeffrey Young Klaus, $595,000

21 Lovejoy Street: Mosesian Edgar A and Janice A. Foundation. Young to J Barnes Contracting LLC, $423,000

96 Morgan Dr Unit 96: Connors Eleanor J Est and Mark Connors to Nura and Ramiz Kantarevic, $260,000

48 North St: Sarina Guerrero to Miriam R. Decueva and Lianna Damore, $590,000

24 Portland Street: Ingres and Martin Rodriguez to Luis A and Pedro M. Diaz, $590,000

21 Saint James Ave: Judy Eaton to Matthew N. and Thea Ferro, $545,000

12 Thornton Ave Unit 12: Jillian Perrault to James Larson, $330,000

21 W Parish Ct Unit 21: Crowe Elaine A Est and Barbara J. Swartz to Jennifer L. Stuart, $313,000


31 Beaconsfield Street: Alexander and Alana Griffin to Ellen Gomez, $367K

10-12 Forest Street: Jose i Santiago to Jason A. Nunez Batista and Mariani Canela Bonifacio, $610,000

62-64 Kent St Unit A: Luis H.Perez to Lucrecia Fana, $100,000

567 Mount Vernon St: Rafael A. Camilo-Rojas and Alexandra Montalvo to Ashley Lambert, $495,500

46 S Bowdoin St: Redfinnow Borrower LLC to Ryan D. Doris and Theresa M. Knoblock, $452,000

14 Spruce Street: Juan A and Nelda Zamut to Mary R. Previlos, $200,000

94-96 Sunset Ave: Jose Henriquez to Schmid Georges, $600,000


10 Caswell Ave: Property Possible Inc to Candida V. Decena and Marlene Frias, $456,000

133 Cross St: Zakaria Ghaouta and Claudia Ghaouta-Puerta to Tuere and Michelle Barnes, $665,000

14-16 Cypress Ave: Juan Alamo to Jerson Perez-Baez, $600,000

8 Ditson Pl: Natalie Y. and William W. Macbrien to Brenda Haryslak, $555,000

19 Falmouth Street: Sydney B Semedo to Orlando Hernandez Perez and Claudia M. Tejada, $580,000

85 Ford St Unit A: Kannan RT and William M.Kannan to Carrie E. Gates-Nash, $250,000

20 Gage St: John M.Havican to Luis Ramirez, $570,000

23 Garrison Cir: Claridania and Carlos Alonzo to Rosilia Gomez-Barranco and Carlos Barranco, $615,000

154 Hampshire Rd: MA&NH Home Buyers LLC to Fadi and Ashley Sidhome, $580,000

9 Hawthorne Ave: Tony and Viet T. Ton to Ky T. and Dung N. Ton, $400,000

13 Kimball Rd: Adalgisa Rodriquez to Jose D. Henriquez, $520,000

5 Marjorie St: Donovan Eileen M Est and Lindsay L. Prendergast to William G. and Lindsay L. Prendergast, $364,000

27 Oakchrist See: Donna M and Richard Roy to AF Ceballos Hilario and Urania M. Lantegua, $450,000

3 Palermo Street: Nguyen Family 2020 RET and Angela H. Nguyen to Viet T. Ton and Phuong L. Huynh, $600,000

127 Phoebe St Unit 127: Toll MA Land 3 LP to John O Stickley 2021 T and John O. Stickley, $695,174

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 3-207: Ashley Lambert to Marcie Falconero-Nawi, $372,000

North Andover

31 Candlestick Rd: Gina L. Funari and Jeffrey A. Lloy to Paul and Katie Fadakar, $990,000

210 Chickering Rd Unit 308A: Nina F. Lentz to Erin R. Bellavia, $420,000

53 Marian Dr: Elia A Mottola IRT and Joseph M. Mottola to Platinum Real Estate LLC, $492,000

20 Nantucket Dr Unit 20: Chatham Crossing LLC to Lesley IRT and Michael E. Sklar, $1,135,000

1000 Osgood St Unit 1: Landers FT and Maureen Landers to Vincent B. Landers, $358,509

36 Village Green Dr Unit 36: Leah Zachon to Faraneh and Vincent Serino, $340,000

48 Water St: Carol A Richards T and Guy N. Richards to Francis R. Stewart, $550,000

north reading

7 Burdett Road: Dennis and Diane Morell to Ryan M. Coriale, $606,000

Martins Lndg Condo Unit 6303: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Mary Cronin, $447,435

350 Park St Unit 208: Beach House Family LLC to Agnez LLC, $138,000


123 Cable Ave Unit A: Nancy Meehan to Denise M. Lahaye and Lisa R. Santoro-Lahaye, $300,000

41 Elm St: Buttonwoods LLP to Morrison Errosion Install, $395,000

33 Folly Mill Rd: John J. McCadden and Members Mtg Co Inc to Benchmark Executives Inc, $201,500