Real Madrid players travel thanks to Ancelotti and Bentos’ fitness plan

TheOka Modric before bald head real madridphysical trainer, Antonio BentosIn celebration after the return against Manchester.

The midfielder was shouting the coach’s name at him after a memorable comeback that put Los Blancos in the Champions League final.

Real Madrid players celebrate reaching the Champions League final after beating Manchester City

The Croatian, who is 36 and is at the best of his career, wanted to pay tribute to the man who, with Carlo Ancelottiput up real madridMinute management plan and player fitness.

It has worked so far, having them top LaLiga Santander and Supercopa de Espana, and with the Champions League final still to come.

Pintos arrived in real madrid Like Galactico. His signature was announced by the club on their official website last summer with an official statement, something previously only done for first-team players or coaches.

After his separation from Zinedine ZidaneThe club chose to bring back the Italian fitness coach, with a clear goal – to avoid the injury epidemic that cursed the team last season, hurting its chances in LaLiga Santander and the Champions League.

Ancelotti He was aware of the need for an upgrade in this area. Hand in hand, the two Italians designed a physical plan that essentially included two peaks of form, in the beginning and, most importantly, the final third of the season.

The point is that now, with the title recently won and a place in the Champions League final, the Italians’ work is bringing huge benefits to the players, who have suffered from the duo’s brutal tactics, as their constant sprint continues. a key.

Superior physical performance against Manchester City

Data from the match against Manchesteras was the case against Paris Saint-Germain And Chelseaexplains that the team’s physical response in the moments of maximum demand was one of the determining factors in the victory over the English side.

That wasn’t the only key, of course, but fitness increases the team’s footballing strength.

although Pep GuardiolaHis side covered more ground on Wednesday, real madridThe efforts were of a higher quality.

Los Blancos outperform the Citizens in sprints over 21kph and over 24kph, which really makes the difference at the elite level.

In the latter, Los Blancos’ efforts were 5.45 percent higher than visitors.

Taking sprints as a whole, the differences in real madridLos Blancos’ popularity has risen by more than 10 percent.

The English players ran more at low speed, between 14 and 21 km/h, but real madrid Complete more high speed rounds and races.

History repeats itself at Real Madrid

MARCA readers will remember seeing similar reports after the second encounter Paris Saint-Germain And Chelsea.

In front of the French champions, I started back with a fast sprint Karim Benzema to press Gianluigi DonnarummaAnd the goal that came as a result changed the game and a draw.

Then it came ModricA sprint that explodes in the lung to give them the lead, at this point Paris Saint-Germain collapsed.

Something similar happened against ChelseaThe most physical opponent of Los Blancos in the Champions League. fact, Thomas TuchelThe player’s team dominated the physical strength from the first minute to the last minute, but in overtime real madrid prevailed.

The same plan was followed against cityWith an ending familiar to the kings of Europe.