Rebekah Vardy messages about ‘cheating’ from celebrities and the Man City suite

Rebecca Vardy denied leaking a story to the press about Manchester City player Riyad Mahrez during the defamation trial with Colin Rooney. Vardy was accused by WAG co-star Coleen Rooney of leaking fake stories about her in October 2019.

Ronnie uploaded several fake stories to her own Instagram account in an attempt to find out who was “cheating” her before revealing them on Twitter in the now popular Wagatha Christie post. The 40-year-old denies the allegations and is suing Wayne’s wife, Wayne, for defamation.

Vardy, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie, was transmitted via messages with her agent Caroline Watt while she was testifying at the High Court in London this morning. She told Watt in one message that Mahrez, who played for Leicester at the time, did not show up for training and added: “The boys are mad.”

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Rooney’s David Sherburne asked Vardy, “She realizes how exciting this story is. She says ‘Really??’ with two question marks. What’s interesting is that the boys are angry. This is the inside story from your teammates, including your husband.”

Vardy said, “I was expecting. I heard a conversation, I read things in the press. Lots of things were said about what was said in the dressing room. I read comments from his family too. It was just gossip.”

“Do you know or don’t you know that the boys were angry?” Sherburne continued. “No, I didn’t really know that,” Vardy said. The court listened to Watt and then asked Vardy, “Why don’t you tell [Sky Sports journalist] Rob Dorsett? ‘ Vardy replied, ‘I just don’t want her to come back to me.’

Colin Rooney, pictured, is being sued by Rebecca Vardy for defamation after Rooney claims Vardy was the source of leaked stories about her to The Sun

Watt was then said to have sent a message: ‘I can tell someone’ and Vardy replied: ‘Yes, do it’. Vardy told the court: “I didn’t see the damage that comment could do. It was a bit of a harmless chatter. I wasn’t in the dressing room so I can’t comment on what was said.”

After it was said that her husband was in the dressing room, Vardy said, “I don’t know if he was. This has nothing to do with my husband.” Then an article was published in The Sun stating that Mahrez’s teammates had “turned on him”.

“What they have in their exclusive, which none of the other newspapers have, is that Mr. Mahrez failed to attend because his teammates are turning against him,” said Mr Sherburne. “It has nothing to do with me,” Vardy said. WAG was also asked if she had told Watt she wanted to pay for a story about Chelsea player Danny Drinkwater who was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Vardy said the information was already on social media and that the message about the payment was “ephemeral” and “not a serious comment”. She said, “It was something that I felt was dangerous and at the time I didn’t care whether or not the information came out. It was really something he had to deal with.”

After hearing that The Sun had already received a tip and was preparing the story for its front page, Vardy is said to have told Watt: “I’m angry I didn’t give it to you earlier.” “Why are you angry that you didn’t give it to Caroline earlier?” asked Mrs. Sherborne.

Vardy said, “I don’t know why I was pissed that I didn’t give it to Caroline earlier. It wasn’t because The Sun already had it on its front page.” Sherburne continued, “Caroline Watt knows you’re angry. Me too, she says, that would have been a fortune.”

Vardy replied: With a smile. If she was angry, there would be crying faces. I know how poorly they read and I apologize for their misreading. These are private conversations between two people who knew each other well, and both knew their sense of humor.”

When asked if she had sent a message to Drinkwater to try to get his address so Watt could report to the paparazzi, Vardy said: “If I sent him a message, which I don’t remember if I did, I would have told him he was a jerk fanatic.”

The court also heard messages between the duo talking about a celebrity known as Mrs. F, sleeping with a football player, known only as Mr. G, behind her husband’s back. Vardy is said to have told Watt: “Oh my God, have you seen how badly she’s acting. I’m actually disgusted with her. Leaking a story of her sh*** ging behind his back.”

Watt was then said to have made it clear that she had indeed tried to leak the story but The Sun was not able to prove it, to which Vardy replied, “eugh.” When asked if she had asked Watt to leak the story, Vardy said: “That’s how you read a story but in context, bits of information get mixed up with other bits of information. I was just kidding about it.”

“I think it was gossip that got around a lot. I used the word ‘leak’ as I probably shouldn’t have used the word ‘leak’. I was only joking when I said that comment.”

Asked if Vardy had asked Watt to leak a different story about a footballer who cheated on his wife, Mr. Sherburne said: “It was standard practice, wasn’t it, you gave information to Mrs Watt and you will give it to the sun?”

She answered, “No.”

The trial is continuing.