Record Breaking $300,000 Thanks to New Surgical Gifts for a New Beginning 30th Annual Golf Tournament Hosted By Longtime Actor & Supporter Alfonso Ribeiro

    Annual golf tournaments raise much-needed funds and help transform the lives of children with physical and cosmetic abnormalities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease. The San Diego The event was hosted by Alfonso Ribeirowho is best known for his roles in the movie “The Fresh Prince of Bel Airand “America’s Funny Home Videos.” Ribeiro is a longtime supporter of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts and has raised 3 million dollars for medical programs since he started supporting Fresh Start.

    “This is a wonderful cause that I love to support every year because the gift of transformation leads to more than just what you can see,” Ribeiro says. “Not only will these children see a physical difference, but they can also grow up feeling more confident in their appearance, which leads to inner confidence and growth within themselves.”

    ChicagoFresh Start Caring For Kids will also be holding 7y Celebrity Classic Golf Annual sponsored by Germaine dye (Chicago White Sox, 2005 World Player of the Year Championship) employment From 22 to 23 May 2022 In Rich Harvest Farms. The event will include a Celebrity Shootout, a pre-tournament dinner for classic golf celebs, a VIP after-dinner party, a golf tournament with VIPs and a chance to mingle with friends of MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA and LPGA as well as other celebrities.

    New Beginning Children’s Care Foundation 24y Weekend held in Chicago for surgery April 23, 2022 A bilateral breast reduction surgery was performed to treat gynecomastia. The following weekend will be in surgery September 17 In the University of Chicago Medical Comer Children’s Hospital by volunteer medical team and support staff.

    San DiegoFresh Start Surgery-Based Surgical Gifts Hosted A Weekend May 14 & 15 on a full schedule where they provided highly specialized medical care to 50 children – including reconstructive and plastic surgery, laser treatments and speech therapy.

    Fresh Start hosts six Weekend Surgical sessions in San Diego and three in Chicago annually. Each course provides patients with intensive two-day surgeries along with supportive medical treatments, such as dental, orthodontic, laser and speech therapy. Fresh Start’s volunteer medical professionals are highly qualified and strive to boost the confidence of these children, all at no cost to the patient and his family.

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    Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is transforming the lives of underserved infants, children and teens with physical and cosmetic abnormalities through their talent for reconstructive surgery. Providing pediatric reconstructive, plastic, and neurosurgery across the United States, Fresh Start’s commitment to children extends far beyond medical care. The organization ensures that their children will leave feeling more powerful than before. Every child receives high-quality medical care and families never see a bill for services rendered. 100% of contributions go directly to medical programs. To learn more, visit

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