Seasonal Weddings: 5 Things to Consider Before Planning Your Party

    A monsoon wedding sounds romantic to you? Well, who doesn’t get excited by the idea of ​​saying “I do” under cottony clouds surrounded by lush greens and delicious flowers? While the idea of ​​a seasonal wedding sounds totally dreamy in your thoughts about bubbles, if we cut it into reality, it can get a little chaotic due to the humidity and water drenching the decor, makeup, and clothing. However, you can go ahead with this fun idea of ​​managing your love with proper planning calling for a smooth and hassle free relationship. If you have decided to have a seasonal wedding, here are the top 5 things to keep in mind while planning it!

    1. Go with an indoor freak

    While planning a wedding in monsoon season, you might be fascinated by the open spaces due to the cool gusts of wind, green lawns and naturally decorated pools but no one knows when the rains will start. A surprise shower is not a good idea when you are wearing heavy clothes and jewelry, so choosing indoor spaces with large glass windows or walls with stunning views of the outdoor spaces will recreate the feel of a fairy-like wedding like no other.

    Go with a gay interior

    2. Pseudo selection

    While the beauty of fresh flowers is timeless, they can easily wither in monsoon weather and can disrupt your decor throughout the day. Make sure you always opt for artificial flowers and plants if you are planning a rainy season wedding to avoid any inconvenience inside the venue. Moreover, plenty of natural flowers can make an enclosed space claustrophobic while enticing small insects and crawlers out in such weather, playing havoc and clearing food items. Besides fake flowers, you can also get creative with origami, curtains, lights and candles.

    Choose the fake

    3. Go playful

    A gray sky with pale natural sunlight can bring out the cuteness from your décor and to set the tone and mood for a playful setting, add a pop of bright color or artifacts to accompany a seasonal wedding theme. Small multi-colored awnings that are inverted over the ceiling are a great idea to bring zest to your surroundings. Hanging the paper boat along with the yellow lights also looks great.

    4. Choose a monsoon-friendly menu

    Coffee, tea, and pancakes seem like a delicious combo in monsoon season, but say “no” to fruits, vegetable salads, seafood dishes, too many non-vegetarian dishes, or any food item that involves pre-cutting. Since monsoons bring a variety of food allergies, be sure to check food several times before and while serving it. You can also add a variety of hot desserts to your menu to keep your guests warm and cozy.

    5. Giving monsoon makeover

    Make sure to keep your wedding look a little playful and cover the nooks and crannies with elements that go well with the rainy season. Artificial peacocks, canopies, vibrant ribbons and fake raindrops will make the look endearing and memorable. On top of that, up your lighting this season to get those glowy, Pinterest-inspired photos.

    Giving a seasonal makeover

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