Selma Blair used to bite celebrities like Kate Moss

Selma Blair has a whole collection of chompers.

The 49-year-old actress revealed in her memoir “Mean Kid: A Memoir of Growing Up” that she’s had her teeth smashed into several celebrities, the first being Sienna Miller.

One night after her divorce from Ahmed Zappa in 2006, Blair wrote that she was at Chateau Marmont when she saw Miller and introduced herself.

“I could not envy her any part in which she had won me,” Blair writes. “So, I grabbed her arm and bit her comically, as if it were an apple. Even as I held her forearm in my mouth, I was aghast at myself. I thought, What have I put myself into? Or her? Such awful behaviour.”

Amazingly, the “American Sniper” star handled the odd situation politely.

Blair shares that Miller “kind of yelled, oppa!” Like I do when someone breaks a plate. “She bit me, didn’t she? She really did” but she “didn’t shame me. That’s why, in my book, you’ll forever be the belle of the ball.”

Sienna Miller
After Blair took Sienna Miller’s arm and “comically bitten her, as if it were an apple,” she did not panic.
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The “Legally Blonde” star also had her teeth smashed into Seth MacFarlane.

Blair also remembers his friendship with Scarlett Johansson while working on the 2004 film In Good Company; She was thrilled when Johansson invited her to hang out with her and her friends in Las Vegas.

The first night the group went out for sushi, but Blair – who had struggled with alcoholism for years – admitted that she “wasn’t good at social drinking. I didn’t realize how one could get drunk sitting at a table and eating”.

Seth MacFarlane
Blair wrote that she was “so surprised” when she first met Seth MacFarlane that she bit him on the hand.
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After dinner, they drove to a club where Blair saw her friend Seth Green, who introduced her to “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane.

She writes: “I was struck by the stars.” “What do I do in public situations where I like someone, but feel like I’m not bringing anything to the party? I bite him on the hand.” “Whoa!” he shouted. “This really hurts.” It wasn’t a disaster. I didn’t break the skin. But soon I hated my self “.

But the days of chomping on Blair are far from over.

Kate Moss and Selma Blair
After Selma Blair sank her teeth at Kate Moss, the model bit her right back.
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She became friends with supermodel Kate Moss and one night was hanging out with her and other people in a London hotel suite after the Marc Jacobs fashion show.

The two were having fun, taking Polaroids together — that’s when Blair decided to bite Moss’ finger, which made the model laugh.

“And because she laughed, I did it again,” she wrote. The second time, she didn’t laugh and yelled, ‘This really hurts the King! Then the Calvin Klein model hit Blair in the back and grabbed the actress’s thumb and “crushed her straight.”

Selma Blair book cover.
Blair writes about her tough adventures in her book, Mean Baby.

“It was the first time I had an idea of ​​how hurt people were when I bit them,” Blair admitted. “Immediately, I turned into a shameful child in the nursery.” “Oh my God,” she whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

Blair blames her shyness for vampire behaviour. She writes, if she’s drenched in public, “my system floods and cuts short…in my life, social interactions have been stressful.”