Sight Unseen launched a furniture line

    These days, the media does more than just publish articles. Some host events or curate showrooms, others develop affiliate revenue or create in-house studios for the brand – many of which try everything. With that said, it’s relatively rare for prints to make their own furniture, but that’s exactly what happens unseen scene it’s over. In collaboration with Long Island-based manufacturer Bestcase, the independent digital design publishing house launched its first collection to coincide with New York Design Week.

    Sight Unseen launches furniture line

    Monica Khmerov (left) and Jill Singer (right)Charlie Shock

    unseen scene She designed her name to cover emerging artists and designers, with content ranging from decor inspiration and gallery events to trend tracking and themed shopping lists – a multifaceted strategy whose founders shared Jill Singer And Monica Khashorov Used to promote their business model at a particularly difficult time for independent media. “When we started in 2009, it was after the media bloodbath,” says Singer. work from home. “We were really, really specialized – no one knew who we were except for people of hard-core determination.”

    From the start, both Singer and Khemsurov knew they had to bypass the website to generate revenue – they had developed an events business, and are now working on a book. However, the founders had a feeling that they were missing out on an opportunity. “It was kind of frustrating for us to discover all this amazing talent, to show people their work, and then not be able to do anything with it after that,” says Singer. “We were watching retailers or opponents pick up their business and they could continue this relationship, and we didn’t really have a way to do that. It was something we wanted to do, but for the longest time it seemed like a long way off.”

    The opportunity came by chance. in 2018, unseen scene She opened a store in First Dips, where she began selling pieces of furniture and home décor that appeared on the media brand’s website—and her success confirmed the duo’s curatorial instincts. At about the same time, an industrial friend, Charles Constantine, just co-founded a metal fabrication facility on Long Island. “They started making cassettes and furniture, and it was like, ‘What if we made a capsule kit labeled Sight Unseen?'” says Singer. “It was fast yes. It gave us the opportunity to assemble the pieces in a way we hadn’t been able to before.”

    Then came the challenge of creating designs for the collection: “We see and publish so much furniture that it’s really hard for us to say, ‘These are the six pieces that represent who we are as a brand. “We have free and wide-ranging interests,” says Singer. At first they were looking for inspiration themselves, the founders quickly switched to the slate of manufacturers they’ve worked with over the years. “Monica and I are not designers,” says Singer. “We’ve always depended on people. To translate this vision for us. So we gave a brief to a bunch of designers we knew and got a lot of requests.”

    Sight Unseen launches furniture line

    The Frame Coffee Table by Thevoz-Choquet for “Sight Unseen” x BestcaseCourtesy of Sight Unseen

    While designs came in in droves, the aesthetics of a digital media publication can still be turned into a chair. Available in high-gloss or brushed finishes, each piece features a swipe or two of colors that, for founders, take the material and bring it closer to the brand’s identity. “The fact that everything is in metal would have described the aesthetic somewhat — it’s a cooler material, yet we feel like we have a very warm aesthetic,” says Singer. “This is where the details came in. We wanted to warm the metal with color and texture.”

    As is so common, the group was supposed to make its way to the market in 2020, hasn’t, and so far has fallen back. just last week, unseen scene She hosted an in-person event to give a preview of the pieces before the line was launched at the brand’s 1stDibs store, where they will be available for purchase from now on. (Each designer receives revenue from sales.) Naturally, both Singer and Khemsurov want the streak to be profitable, and are ready if it is. Our philosophy from the start unseen scene “It was just trying everything,” says Singer. “Hopefully it’ll sell out—and if the line is good, we’ll have more designs in our back pockets.”

    Homepage image: Magna chair designed by Charles Constantine for unseen scene x Best Kiss | Shawn Davidson