Spotlight on Medium: Nick Van Assche, Characteristics of Sea Glass

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    Spotlight on Medium: Nick Van Assche, Characteristics of Sea Glass

    Noun: Nick Van Ash

    Title: Broker and Partner

    expertise: 16 years

    Site: US Virgin Islands

    Brokerage full name: Sea glass properties

    Ranking: Sea glass no. #1 in sales in St. Thomas 2017 to 2021

    Team size: About 30 licensed agents

    Aspects of the deal: From 2017 to 2022, aspects of Sea Glass St. Thomas and St. Croix is ​​2080

    Sales volume:

    • $150 million sales in 2021
    • $70 million sales in 2020
    • $60 million sales in 2019

    What do you wish more people knew about working in real estate?

    The most successful people in this industry are those who run businesses, whether it’s a brokerage, team, or freelance agent. These companies have budgets. Some are more formal than others. Most people don’t understand that while this industry offers you flexibility, it still requires the vast majority of us to relate to it just like any other business.

    To take it a step further, we do more than just “get paid”. The best agents understand how to maximize value for their clients, whether that is getting the best price for a property or getting past obstacles like inspection issues or financing issues.

    Tell us about the epic failure you’ve experienced since you were a medium. what did you learn?

    Early on I was very focused on growing, so we opened an office on another island and shortly thereafter tried to open another office on another island. been rushed. It was the right idea, but the wrong time. Both failed.

    These failures cemented that this business is a marathon. I think it is important to note that the average person will only notice your successes. They do not see all the dangers that we are exposed to day in and day out. They do not see the times when we failed or did not prevail. Don `t give up. Use the data to make calculated decisions. Trust your feeling.

    What is your top tip for newly licensed brokers?

    show up. Do your homework. Get to know your market. We often joke about the “ABCs” of real estate: Always be closed off. But as a new agent, you might ask, “How can I close if I don’t know where to start?”

    So, keep it simple. Stop thinking of closing as a commission check and start thinking of it as a task. You have a lead on the phone: How do you get their email? Or you’re in for a show: How do you determine what’s important to a buyer and what he or she likes or dislikes about the home? Or you don’t have anything going on: What value can you offer another agent?

    And then within all of that, make sure you set goals — weekly, monthly, yearly — and where you want to be in five years. If you feel super ambitious, set some goals for 20 or 30 years.

    What makes a good leader?

    Empowerment. The best leaders empower their team. So what does that mean? I think you need to allow your employees to make mistakes and then you have to be there to help them learn from those mistakes. Sometimes there are two different ways to do a task. your way. wrong way. I do not agree with this. I think it’s important to give them the ability to learn and grow.

    To be clear, not everyone is a leader. Some people are great managers. Some people are great salespeople. Some people have great ideas but can’t implement them based on those ideas. It is important to understand your capabilities.

    What is the one thing you wish every agent knew?

    I hope everyone knows more about the Virgin Islands! No passport required. We are part of the United States. Our process is just like in the States. We have traditional loans (although there are fewer providers). We have title insurance backed by companies like First American and Fidelity. Our buyers still get surveys and home inspections.

    But we have one advantage. Our marketplace offers Economic Development Incentives that provides 90% relief from federal income taxes for eligible businesses whose income is earned outside the Virgin Islands.