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British brand SS Daley won the LVMH Award for the Year and Mentoring Year.

British start-up brand SS Daley won the LVMH Award for 2022, taking home a cash prize of €300,000 ($321,500) for founder Stephen Stokey-Daley as well as a year of mentorship by executives at the largest luxury conglomerate. Stokey-Daley became a fashion superstar as his romantic and contemporary twist on British dress codes gained traction, as Harry Styles donned his wide-legged canvas pants and a headdress with dried flowers from the designer in a 2020 music video. Since then, his label has been chosen by Ssense and Matchesfashion, and stage costumes featuring socially related shows that explored class and adulthood in British society.” [H/T Business of Fashion]

New York may sign a bill to ban carbon mining of bitcoin.

“After an early morning vote in Albany on Friday, New York lawmakers passed a bill to ban certain bitcoin mining operations that run on carbon-based energy sources. Action heads to Governor Cathy Hochul’s office, who can sign it into law or veto it.” Hochul signed the bill, which would make New York the first state in the country to ban blockchain infrastructure, according to Perianne Boring, founder and president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. Industry insiders say it could have a domino effect across the United States, which is currently occupying positioning itself at the fore in the global bitcoin mining industry, accounting for 38 percent of the world’s miners.” [H/T CNBC]

Prosecutors accuse former OpenSea employee Nathaniel Chastain of insider trading.

“Manhattan prosecutors on Wednesday charged a former employee of OpenSea, an auction site for digital goods known as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, with insider trading. It is believed to be the first such case filed involving a cryptocurrency firm.” Nathaniel Chastain, director A 31-year-old former OpenSea producer is accused of using his knowledge that will be displayed on the site’s homepage of NFTs to secretly purchase from those groups up front and then profit when the auctions are overvalued, according to a report in the DealBook newsletter. [H/T The New York Times]

Taobao of Alibaba launches “Metaverse Mall” before the 618th Shopping Festival.

“In preparation for the country’s 618th annual Shopping Festival, Taobao of Alibaba has hired a dedicated metaversal project team to help create a fully optimized virtual shopping place that is open to its customers. Using their phones, shoppers will be able to guide their avatars through 3D stores and participate in a number of interactive activities.” The project , according to the company, is an opportunity to undergo technical exploration of the immersive shopping scenarios offered by Web3.” [H/T Jing Daily]

Harvard GSD has named nine mid-career talents as winners of the 2023 Loeb Fellowship.

The Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) has announced the category of winners for the 2023 Loeb Fellowship. A total of nine mid-career individuals working in fields of activity, horticulture, visual arts, real estate development, architecture, and others out of 131 were selected to form the cohort. 52 in the Fellowship, which will see an extension of the collaboration. It started last year between the program and ArtLab at Harvard University. As fellows, the group will have access to a range of intellectual activities during a one-year stay on the GSD campus with the overarching goals of further revitalizing society and improving social conditions in the United States and abroad. Loeb’s next nine teammates are: Mariana Allegri, Dario Calmizzi, Pamela Conrad, Claudia Dobles-Camargo, Natia Dobazu, Pedroon Gardy, Shamichel Holman, Rebecca McMackin and Derwin Sisnett.” [H/T Archinect]

A hacker destroys $5 million worth of artifacts at the Dallas Museum of Art.

“A man broke into the Dallas Museum of Art and caused more than five million dollars in damages, including the smashing of three Greek artifacts before his arrest,” police said. Brian Hernandez, 21, is charged with criminal offenses greater than or equal to $300,000, which carries a five-year prison sentence to life. He broke into a display case and smashed a Greek amphora from the sixth century BC and a Greek bowl dating back to 450 BC. Police say those two items alone were worth about $5 million. A 6th century B.C. bowl, valued at about $100,000, and a bottle of a ceramic Caddo statue, valued at about $10,000, were also smashed. [H/T The Guardian]

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