Staples strays from the basics of a home office makeover

    If your home office needs a makeover or upgrade, you’re in luck: Staples gives the look of a home office designed by WFH Style Squad. So whether you work at the kitchen counter or have a dedicated room to get your stuff done, you’ll want to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to maximize your space.

    Desk with white and gold accents

    Designed by Henriquez, this office space features vintage-inspired florals and copper accents.

    Chelsea Henriquez

    window facing desk

    Matt & Beau of Probably Create this desk featuring a natural texture for an organic feel.

    Matt Armato and Beau Ciolino probably this

    Led by Jasmine Roth of HGTV, the group created three dreamy devices filled with Staples office essentials worth $5,000 each. Earthy Desk Corner Designed by blog founders Matt & Beau maybe thisIt has a natural texture for anyone who wants an organic feel. Charyl Rosado—Founder and CEO of a company Tampa sale‘s Reality AttractivenessDesign a desk with clean quilted pieces and pops of orange and yellow perfect for modern decor enthusiasts. Those who gravitate toward the combination of modern and contemporary aesthetics will adore the thoughtful treasure-inspired workspace designed by Chelsea Henriquez, content creator and owner in New York City. Shop late.

    White desk with orange and yellow decor

    Sharelle Rosado designed an office space that features cleanly lined furniture. Orange and yellow decor adds pops of color.

    Charyl Rosado

    From now until June 7, fans can enter to win a home office device here. If you don’t end up being one of the three lucky winners, don’t worry. Roth has some product tips and recommendations that you’ll still be able to use to upgrade your workspace. The designer emphasizes the need for a comfortable and elegant chair, ample lighting, and most importantly, attention to details such as making sure there is an organizer for pens, scissors, and other small accessories.

    Another pro tip: “In a physical office, your workspace doesn’t face the wall,” Roth explains. “Try to pull your desk away from the wall so you’re looking at the room instead of at the wall—it can make all the difference.”

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