Star Wars: The 10 Most Unexpected Celebrity Engravings

    What started as a low-budget passion project by George Lucas has turned into a global phenomenon and star Wars He brought several celebrities into the mix. Since the release of the original trilogy, many celebrities have looked to join the galaxy far, far away.

    As soon as the sequel trilogy came out, several of the participating filmmakers invited friends of prominent actors to appear in the films. Although those appearances were unexpected, there were more surprises in the films before that, featuring some notable Hollywood names.

    John Ratzenberger (Empire Strikes)

    John Ratzenberger The Empire strikes back

    Ratzenberger has been in the entertainment industry for decades. Long before he starred cheers Like Cliff Clavin and appears in nearly every Pixar movie, Ratzenberger had a small cameo role in Episode 5 As a rebel officer at Echo Base shortly before the Battle of Hoth.

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    His character was later identified as Major Brian Derlin. while not appearing in Return of the Jedi, canonical flag states that Derlin also served during the Battle of Indore. Ratzenberger has also returned to voice the character after 37 years in the Disney XD animated series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

    Keira Knightley (Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace)

    Keira Knightley in Star Wars The Phantom Menace

    Keira Knightley’s veil is one of the things Star Wars fans tend to forget. Knightley appeared in the first episode Like Sabi, one of Queen Amidala’s maids. Knightley was cast because of her strong resemblance to Natalie Portman and according to WatchmanDuring filming, Portman’s mother could not distinguish between the two!

    While he only appears in a small role in phantom dangerSabĂ© has gone on to play a key role in the current series of Marvel’s Darth Vader comics. The only difference here from most of the other Guilds is that Knightley hasn’t been a major star yet.

    Karl Urban (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker)

    distance Star Trek Co-star and frequent collaborator with Abrams, Simon Pegg appeared in The force wakes upJJ Abrams brought Bones himself, and Karl Urban to play a small role for him Episode 9. He appears as a stormtrooper in the lanes of Star Destroyer as Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren pass.

    The single line is pronounced “Knights of Rin”. Talk about experience with Digital SpyUrban said,[…]We had a really fun day in the group. It has been one of my life goals to be a stormtrooper, so I can stop that now. “This cameo hasn’t been talked about enough and it looks like fans have missed it. The Heavenly Rise.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

    Friends since their first collaboration brickJoseph Gordon-Levitt has appeared in every Rian Johnson film. Whether it’s a full lead role or a small role, Gordon-Levitt has worked with Johnson six times now and soon will be seven times on the upcoming Peacock series. poker face.

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    Gordon-Levitt appears in last serious Like Slowen Lo, an alien complains that Finn and Rose are illegally standing on their shuttle on the beaches of Canto Bight. While it was a small role, it was fun to see Gordon-Levitt as an unrecognizable alien. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would later go on to play the title role in Star Wars: Visions episode Tatooine Rhapsody.

    * NSYNC (Star Wars: Episode Two – Attack of the Clones)

    NSYNC & Star Wars Attack of the Clones

    For years, rumors have persisted that popular boy band *NSYNC filmed scenes as the Jedi clone attack. Many have mistakenly reported that the cameos were cut out due to fan reaction, but this year, Joey Fatone finally set the record straight.

    With Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and JC Chases being members of the SAG, they had to be cut because the Star Wars films were made outside of SAG, per ScreenRant. While their sightings have been cut, it is rumored that they can still be seen at points in the background while fighting the Jedi during the Battle of Geonosis.

    Justin Theroux (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

    While last serious It has become one of the most polarizing films of recent times, and still has some really fun moments. While Finn and Rose search for “Master codebreaker” in Canto Bight, they eventually come across him and he is revealed to be Justin Theroux but before they can say anything, they are arrested and taken to a prison cell where they meet DJ Benicio Del Toro.

    It’s a fun little role and a neat misdirection where the audience fully expects Theroux to play a big role. He’s also unforgettable thanks to his distinct outfits, which are heavily inspired by the Indiana Jones suit from the opening Temple of Death.

    John Williams (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker)

    John Williams Cameo

    After registering and participating in every Star Wars movie except for clone wars And rogue oneAbrams wanted John Williams to appear on screen in Episode 9, the latest movie from the Skywalker Saga. Williams appears as a bartender on Kijimi while the heroes try to get C-3PO to translate the Sith dagger.

    In his short showing, Williams surrounds himself with several props that all represent the films he has worked on. It’s a blink of an eye and you’ll miss it for a moment but it’s a great way to honor the legendary composer. While many thought Episode 9 would be his last work, he’s currently working on the upcoming score Obi-Wan Kenobi series and Indiana Jones 5.

    George Lucas (Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith)

    George Lucas as Papanuida in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

    The legendary director of the whole story gave his first role in 2005 Revenge of the Sith. Lucas appears on Coruscant as Baron Notluwiski Papanoida. He was seen talking in the background at the Coruscant Opera House with Chi Eekway, played by Lucas’ daughter Amanda.

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    Although it is a small role in the movie, Babanuida will go on to play a major role in clone wars episode Perimeter effect. While still retaining the likeness of George Lucas, the character was voiced by Corey Burton, who based his performance on Orson Welles, via

    Jason Sudeikis (The Mandalorian)

    IG-11 fights a scout soldier in The Mandalorian

    Watching Jason Sudeikis in Star Wars is one of the most unexpected things that happen in him The Mandalorian. Sudeikis appears in two episodes dressed as a Soldier Scout. It first appeared at the end of “Account”. As one of the scouts who snatch Grogu from Kuiil.

    He appears again in the next episode during the Cold Opening, alongside fellow comedian Adam Paley. It’s a really funny scene and a nice contrast to the very bleak ending of the previous episode. Then he was killed by IG-11.

    Daniel Craig (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

    Daniel Craig Stormtrooper Force Awakens

    daniel craig veil The force wakes up Headlines everywhere and for a while, fans were referring to a stormtrooper with the designation JB-007. He appears as a Stormtrooper who tricks the mind of the Jedi by Rey. The way his appearance came out is honestly very funny.

    In the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Audio commentary, JJ Abrams said the cameo came because Daniel Craig was also in Pinewood while filming Seventh Works on ghost. Abrams invited him to take a quick turn and make history!

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