The address is in Goa – luxury villas in the heart of North Goa

    Living in a tropical paradise as remote as Goa is a luxury in itself. With a coastal landscape that stretches across the west paralleling the stunning Sahyadris towards the east, Goa has become one of the most desirable destinations for those looking for a peaceful life. Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations that attract people from all over the world. Really at that, it is one of the most happening states in India known for its nightlife culture, but like both sides of a coin, this tropical state has more than just party rave to offer.

    Goa is more than just beaches and nightlife, there is more to explore here than meets the eye. Rated among the most desirable destinations in India to buy luxury homes in, Goa offers comfortable living with easy access. Away from the tourist spots, there are quiet villages lined with green rice fields that invite you to experience a different side of paradise. One of these is the quaint village of Saligao.

    The private pool villas of Square Dream Homes in North Goa are located in the wonderful village of Saligao, balancing the dimensional quality of their location.

    Saligao’s serene aura contrasts with the bustling streets of Calangute, located only a few miles away. A group of 10 detached villas surrounded by lush greenery, Vivenda De Aqua where you can relax and enjoy the serene views of nature. A gated community with great accessibility, Square Dream Homes has built luxury villas in Goa that allow you to live close to nature which is a luxury we all desire.

    What comes to your mind when you think of home? Is it comfort? space? the love? keep warm? Square Dream Homes, with its premium villas for sale in Goa, is packed with premium amenities and has nothing less to offer.

    This luxurious villa with pool in Goa made sure not to miss the opportunity to wake up to the life you were meant to live. In a world of compromise, Square Dream Homes offers nothing, they have curated living spaces that reflect flair and blend seamlessly with the environment – redefining the parallels between inside and out.

    Innovative design thinking is reflected in every aspect of each villa at Vivenda De Aqua. Right from the private pool which you can enter directly from your living room to the open roof terrace where you can spend evenings surrounded by greenery and tranquility. Enjoy a unique touch of warmth and luxury in one of the best luxury villas in Goa by Square Dream Homes, where each villa is exclusively built to fit your standards and meet your needs.

    A cobbled path lined with flowers leads to the majestic corridor entrance of each villa. These fully furnished luxury homes for sale in Goa come with interior spaces that are a splendid theater of outstanding craftsmanship. High ceilings define each room in this villa. Ornate consoles, carved details on the walls and furniture, European style bathrooms, fully equipped modular kitchen – Vivenda De Aqua is a piece of heaven if you are looking to buy a villa in North Goa with plenty of natural light, wonderful surroundings and breathtaking views of the flora lush.

    Customized amenities and mesmerizing spaces provide unforgettable experiences at Vivenda De Aqua. This luxurious 4 bedroom villa comes with extreme attention to every detail, private floodlit pool, private garden, 100% power backup in public areas and of course 24/7 security to keep you and your family safe.

    The design approach pool villas in North Goa are exceptional in how simplicity is seamlessly combined with the touches of luxury that can be seen throughout the villa.

    Having a place that you can call yourself is without a doubt something we all look forward to. The idea of ​​coming home after a long day at work to your cozy little corner – a place where you can forget the struggles of the day,
    Sit back and relax – some of the simpler things in life but honestly priceless.

    Experience all this and much more at luxury homes for sale in Goa in Vivenda de Acqua. Decorated with the natural beauty that surrounds the vicinity and with the latest amenities, our Villas in Saligao are designed to embrace the Goa lifestyle.

    Square Dream Homes offers you the opportunity to buy luxury villas in Goa that come with your own private pool.

    Located in the heart of North Goa, it is a downright part of Goa with plenty to offer right from the bustling nightlife scene to the quiet moments in its quaint villages like Saligao. Having a place you can call home here is something you don’t want to miss.

    Vivenda De Aqua invites you to experience a quality of life that comes without worry. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying all the peace that awaits you. If you want to buy a villa in Goa at the best prices, look no further.


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