The Masked Singer gets a new show with world celebrities

masked singer Dominate the world by another spin-off company that has just been announced.

to me diversethis last iteration – titled One world, masked singer From a star-studded musical guessing game, faces from the subtitled series go head-to-head against each other before being crowned ‘Universal Champion of the Masked Singer’.

Creator and Executive Producer Craig Plestis shared in a statement: “This project has been my dream since I realized that masked singer It will be a global phenomenon after the success of coordination in the United States.

The Masked Singer series 3 episode 4

Bandicoot TVITV

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“It’s now in over 56 countries, and I can’t wait to bring together delegates from each one, in brand new costumes, to broadcast an epic competition series across the planet in each of them.” masked singer province.”

Nahi K, Managing Director of Content and MBC America, added: “This will be a great opportunity to expand our global brand. The king of the mask singer We expect this to be a huge global success.”

The same format exploded from South Korea seven years ago, under the title The king of the mask singer.

One world, masked singerThe participating countries and networks will be revealed in due course.

The Masked Singer Season Two Judges

Kiron Macaron / Bandicoot TVITV

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British version presenter Joel Dummett previously gave a big secret behind the scenes.

We record the entire show and then it gets to the point where we go ‘Remove it! remove it! – They go to take off the mask, and that’s the point where …

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to kind of public this, but, after that, we get rid of the audience so they can then keep a secret. The whole audience leaves. I mean, they’re so angry about it,” he joked.

The Masked Singer UK Ambiance on ITV.

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