The NFL Player star is the latest in a string of celebrities to turn down uniforms

    NFL player Grady Jarrett claimed he was denied duty Wednesday at a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia because of his clothes.

    The Atlanta Falcons player posted a photo of his outfit on his Instagram account, in which he appeared in a bright green Gucci suit, and spoke about the incident at Le Bilboquet Atlanta.

    “He was about to have dinner at @lebilboquetatlanta and was seated until the manager came out, and I believe he said his name was Chad, and he told me I wasn’t dressed properly and they wouldn’t sit me down with my madam,” he wrote in his letter. Instagram.

    He noted that he had had a “great experience with great waiters” when he had dinner at the restaurant before but that he didn’t seem to understand what was different that day.

    The restaurant has a dress code policy on its website that prohibits track shorts, sportswear, beach flip-flops, baseball caps, and denim pieces.

    “I’m not sure if I know how offensive my dress is, maybe it’s the Gucci suit, the Bussdown AP Offshore, the iced double chain tennis with an ankh and the fact that I towed my 500,000 RR and they felt I wasn’t fit to bless their restaurant for dinner,” Jarrett said.

    “I think other people are rocking Nike tracksuits and T-shirts that were already sitting (as you can see in the background photo) n [and] Enjoying dinner wasn’t a problem..a pity but I wouldn’t..that’s not even my style I’m a great guy you should ask what’s best @lebilboquetatlanta.”

    Last year, the French restaurant allegedly turned away Atlanta Hawks basketball legend Dominic Wilkins after appearing at the restaurant while wearing what it described as “casual pants and a T-shirt.”

    “In my many years in the world, I’ve eaten at some of the world’s greatest restaurants, but have never felt prejudiced or turned away because of the color of my skin, until today at #atlanta at #LeBilboquetAtl #LeBilboquetAtl,” Wilkins said on Twitter in May 2021.

    In another follow-up tweet, he said, “I would have been fine if they hadn’t just said no tables. But they looked up and down before that and then said that and to add insult to injury, they talked about how my clothes didn’t fit when I was in casual pants and a T-shirt.”

    The Capital Grille was another Atlanta restaurant that declined service over the outfit earlier this month. Keisha Lance Bottoms, the former mayor of Atlanta, said she was turned away from the restaurant at Perimeter Mall for wearing leggings.

    NFL Player Rejected From Restaurant Because Of Outfit
    NFL player Grady Jarrett claimed he was denied service on Wednesday at a restaurant in Le Belloquette, Atlanta, Georgia, because of his clothes. Here, Grady Jarrett of the Atlanta Falcons speaks at the Celebrity Bowling Classic at Lucky Strike Chicago during the 2016 NFL Draft Week on April 26, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.
    Photo by Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

    Bottoms, who served as mayor from 2018 to 2022, tweeted: “It is strange that a restaurant in a mall parking lot is turning away customers in a ‘mall’ uniform. When asked if I could sit in the bar area I was told, ‘No.’ Rules Are the rules, just wondering if the woman who came directly after me, whom I didn’t see back, was also denied service.”

    Social media users criticized the incident, with some claiming that they were able to eat in the restaurant wearing leggings and other casual outfits despite the dress code banning “sportswear” and track pants.

    NEWSWEEK Contact Le Bilboquet Atlanta for comment.