The search for a cruise ship for women on board has been suspended

    The search for a woman at sea is over celebrity coup In the Alaska Inland Corridor. The woman was reported at sea around 3am on Tuesday 17 May 2022, and searches began, but to no avail. The search was suspended after nine hours because the woman might not have survived.

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    captain celebrity coup The 40-year-old woman at sea reported to the US Coast Guard at about 3 a.m. Tuesday.

    The ship had left Juneau several hours earlier as scheduled, and was sailing about 20 miles west of the port, near Eldred Rock in the Lynn Channel, at the time the sea was reported.

    Boat and helicopter teams responded to the report and began searching the area with no results. Nine hours later, the search is over, and the woman is believed to have died.

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    “Despite our best efforts to locate the individual, it is with a heavy heart that we take the decision to suspend the search,” Coast Guard Lt. Trevor Lyman, a duty officer at Juneau Sector Command Center, said. “The decision to suspend active research depends on a number of factors including weather, sea condition, water temperature and other variables.”

    The name of the woman and the circumstances of her going to sea were not disclosed.

    Survive in Alaskan waters

    Estimated survival in the cold waters of the inner passage was just over six hours under the best possible conditions. This is calculated based on an individual’s age, possibly health, air and water temperatures, and other factors.

    Juneau’s air temperature reached a high of 51 degrees Fahrenheit (10.5 degrees Celsius) on Tuesday afternoon, and the National Weather Service reported the local water temperature at 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius).

    In poor conditions and without protective equipment, an individual may live less than an hour at the reported water temperature.

    first of its kind celebrity coup Currently sailing on a 7 nights Alaska round trip cruise from Seattle, Washington. The ship left Seattle on Friday, May 13, and has already visited both Ketchikan and Juneau, as well as cruised along the Strait of Tracy Arm. visited the ship Skagway On May 17, after a tip-off from the woman at sea.

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    Image Courtesy: Celebrity Travels

    No delays have been reported in the cruise ship’s schedule, and it is currently sailing toward its last port on the itinerary – Victoria, Canada, where it will dock on Thursday, May 19, before returning to Seattle on Friday.

    Two other ships from Celebrity Cruises are offering cruises to Alaska this summer. Millennium Celebrity Sailing 7 nights heading north and south between Seward, Alaska and Vancouver, British Columbia, while celebrity eclipse Hubbard Glacier sailing cruises from Vancouver offer round-trip 7 nights.

    Accidents on deck in Alaska

    Although it is uncommon, it is not the first time that an increase in water has been reported in Alaskan waters. In August 2018, a A crew member has been reported at sea from Holland America Line’s MS Amsterdam While sailing in Sitka Sound.

    In September 2016, a A crew member has been reported at sea from Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Pearl In the Lin Channel, the same area where the most recent incident at sea occurred. In both cases, the individuals were not located and searches were suspended.

    Cruise Hive’s thoughts are with everyone, passengers, crew and family members affected by this sad accident.

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