The SSYS 2Y22 Reflection Kit was debuted by Stratasys

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    Stratasys introduced the SSYS 2Y22 inversion kit. The collection was created using the new Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D printer, sponsored by Stratasys and achieved through close collaboration with seven design groups. Reflection includes exclusive dresses and suits, daywear, and other 3D-printed apparel, lighting, luxury packaging, cosmetics, handbags, accessories, shoes, and more.

    “Thinking brings the impact of the global changes that have taken place in the past two years through innovative fashion and design pieces,” said Naomi Kempfer, Director of Art, Design and Fashion at Stratasys. “The group focuses on three main pillars – personal space, social inclusion, and conscious manufacturing.”

    Personal space: The past two years have exposed us to the need to intertwine our intimate personal and public spaces. This is expressed through fashion design and identity that reflects intimacy, passion, vulnerability, comfortable clothing, homewear and softness.

    Social inclusion: The past two years have also forced us to confront serious social grievances such as equality, gender and race. This collection is a celebration of our common humanity and highlights the growing sensitivity towards community building, social inclusion and sexuality.

    Conscious Manufacturing: Stratasys’ goal is to create designs that will last for years, in all seasons – reducing waste and telling a more unique story through more intentional manufacturing. This collection focuses on slow fashion, conscious manufacturing, longevity, and respect for the planet and its environment.

    The seven contributing design collections to the SSYS 2Y22 Reflection Collection, which debuted by Stratasys and feature exclusive 3D-printed clothing, custom accessories and luxury goods, are: Karim Rashid (one of the most prolific designers of his generation), Jasna Rock Lab (award) – winning studio ), Janet Goldstein (a fashion designer and intelligent textile researcher specializing in the development of 3D printed fashion), FORÆVA (a multidisciplinary design laboratory co-founded by fashion designer, Lana Dumitru, and architect Vlad Tino),
    Assa Studio (founded by Assa Ashuach, a designer who has been at the forefront of exploring the creative potential of additive manufacturing for more than a decade), Illusory Material (San Francisco-based design studio, jointly established with Jiani Zeng and Honghao Deng, specialist in optics and software research), and KAIMIN (Active in the LGBTQIA+ community and has worked with the likes of Bjork, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce). KAIMIN designed three new pieces for the SSYS 2Y22 Reflection Collection, in collaboration with Travis Fitch, that reflect inclusivity.

    The SSYS 2Y22 Reflection Kit was first featured by Stratasys.  Features exclusive 3D printed apparel, custom accessories, and luxury goods.
    Asa Ashwash – Bag

    “Our partnerships with designers and fashion houses have allowed us to offer the world an innovative collection created using 3D printing technology. We believe that 3D printing is the future of innovation in fashion and design, and that it will open limitless possibilities for designers,” said Shamir Shoham, Vice President of Design at Stratasys. Fashion and manufacturers to customize and customize 3D printed fabric pieces.

    Stratasys has partnered with Delwan and D-house in Milan, an innovative center of excellence in the development of fashion technology. D-house demonstrates the diversity of 3D printing applications from concept design to production with Stratasys 3DFashion technology. Stratasys technology is also a focus of Italy’s new D-House Academy of Fashion Designers, which is helping to transform design workflows to reflect the capabilities of technology.

    The SSYS 2Y22 Reflection Kit was first featured by Stratasys.  Features exclusive 3D printed apparel, custom accessories, and luxury goods.
    Asa Ashwash – Cepeda shoes

    The J850 TechStyle 3D Printer enables fashion designers and manufacturers to 3D print directly onto textiles and apparel using unlimited color, transparency, and flexible printed materials. Powered by unique 3DFashion technology, which allows inkjet polymer to adhere to various types of textiles, this printer is driving the expansion of PolyJet’s business into the manufacture of high-end fashion, luxury fashion and accessories.

    World-renowned fashion specialist and trend forecaster, Lidewij Edelkoort, said there has long been interest in a 3D printer for fabrics and clothing, with a myriad of potential creative applications for fashion designers. “From the craft of ornamentation to creative engineering comes this Stratasys hybrid instrument, as the answer to a million prayers, allowing for ornamentation a comprehensive following,” said Lidewij Edelkoort.