The star admits that she used to bite other celebrities: “This is terrible behavior”

In her new memoir, Selma Blair She talks about her health issues, struggles with alcoholism, and her career, but she also deals with a strange habit she had. actor book, Mean Baby: A Growth Memoir, released May 17, talks about everything from her childhood to how she lived with multiple sclerosis after being diagnosed at age 46. Blair, now 49, writes about her experiences in Hollywood and encounters with other celebrities — including the fact that she’s bitten a few of them. Yes, biting.

Read on to find out who the actress gritted her teeth and why she developed this weird way of dealing with nerves and anxiety.

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Selma Blair at the premiere of the movie
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Blair’s book includes some wild stories about her childhood, including that she hit an adult neighbor with a machine gun and that, at her grandfather’s funeral, she “stood by [her] My father as before my condolences… and to you every man who approached us in [expletive]. She also mentioned that she once bit the ‘piece of meat’ off one of her sister’s back (via Washington Post).

to me Peoplethe book’s press release describes Blair as a “hateful child with horrible behaviour” and explains that she has been known to bite her three older sisters.

Sienna Miller at the movie premiere
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In the book, Blair names three celebrities she bit when she first met them. In 2006, he met Blair Sienna Millerwho was her counterpart and worked some of the same jobs as her, at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Blair writes: “I could not envy her any part in which she won me.” it means a child (via Sixth page). “So, I grabbed her arm and bit her, comically, as if it were an apple. Even as I held her forearm in my mouth, I was aghast at myself. I thought, What am I getting myself into? Or her? That’s awful behaviour.”

But Blair appreciated Miller’s reaction. The actor “kind of yelled, oppa!” Like I do when someone breaks a plate.” As Miller remembers saying, “You bit me, didn’t you? I really did.” Bad intentions The star continues[Miller] not ashamed [her]. For this, in my book, you will forever be the belle of the ball.”

Seth MacFarlane and Selma Blair on stage at the Guys Choice Awards in 2008
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As Blair writes about the actor biting and A man who loves family life originator Seth MacFarlan When she was out for dinner with a group of hers. At this point, Blair had been struggling with alcoholism for years, but she explains that she “wasn’t very good at social drinking”.

“I didn’t realize how drunk a person can drink while sitting at a table and eating,” she continues.

When I interviewed MacFarlane, she wrote, “I was blown away. What do I do in public situations where I like someone, but feel like I’m not bringing anything to the party? I bit them on the hand.” Stop! ‘It really hurts,’ he cried. ‘It wasn’t a disaster; I didn’t get rid of my skin. But I soon hated myself.’

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Kate Moss at the 2018 Fashion Awards

Kate Moss She was also on the receiving end of this habit when she and Blair were hanging out together after a fashion show in London. Blair bit the model’s finger while they were putting together polaroids, which made Moss laugh. And because she got such a positive reaction, Blair bit her again.

The second time, she didn’t laugh and yelled, ‘That’s really it [expletive] painful! ‘” Blair wrote that Moss then punched her in the back and “crushed her right in” her thumb.

“It was the first time I had an idea of ​​how much I might hurt people when I bite them,” Blair wrote. “Immediately, I turned into a baby in the nursery.

Selma Blair on stage in a show
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About biting, Blair wrote in the book, “[M]System y sinks and shortens at once… In my life, social interactions have been stressful. “According to The New York TimesReviewing the book, Blair now also sees gnawing through the lens of her MS diagnosis; A disease that affects the nervous system has plagued them for years before you find out what it is.

While not referring to biting in particular, Blair said her MS had an effect on what she thought was just her personality. “Emotionally there is a rush of ideas and too many tears,” she said. deer. “I didn’t know that what I thought was part of my personality really had much to do with my frontal damage.”

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