This fusion house in Calicut has ample surprises inside | Lifestyle Decor

Anshu, an expat, is happy to wander into his brand new home in his hometown of Kinallur, Kozhikode, Kerala. Ancho was a fan of contemporary and Arabic architectural styles, and was keen to try a fusion design for his dream home. He is glad that the architect designed the perfect house just as he imagined it.

The structure is located in the center of the 30-cent plot. Therefore, there is enough space in the front yard for a great landscape. The driveway is paved with natural stones and grass. Interestingly, the beauty of the majestic house, in all its grandeur, can be enjoyed from the road.

Orchards were added during plastering work. The exterior walls are painted a light golden color to give a royal look. Meanwhile, the sloping roof is paved with roofing tiles. The Arabic calligraphy design is very prominent on the interface. Anshu says this unique linear design has intrigued many.

This lavish mansion spans 4,247 square feet and has a carport, sitting areas, formal and family living areas, dining space, kitchen with work area, five bedrooms, loft living area and also a balcony.

From the balcony, one can enter the spacious seating and lobby. Interestingly, the great view of the dining area can be captured from the seating area. In the meantime, the formal living area has been arranged by ensuring adequate privacy. This area will be separated from the rest of the house if the doors here are closed.

The royal elegance of marble floors is the highlight of the interiors. Meanwhile, bespoke pieces of furniture add flair to the exquisitely designed spaces.

The dining table made of Korean surface paving in a wooden frame is unique. Besides this main dining area, there is a small dining area near the kitchen. The walls opposite the dining table are decorated with attractive wallpaper.

The staircase has a hand railing featuring a classic combination of wood and glass. A study space has been arranged under the stairs to make the interiors space-saving. Besides, plenty of storage space is arranged, eye-catching blue here.

A pool table in the loft living area adds elegant style to this area. The balcony entrance is here too. Anshu says the balcony is his favorite place to enjoy the enchanting charm of the aesthetically designed landscape.

The island kitchen is modern and boasts all the luxury amenities. An attractive breakfast table is set under the hood and stove. In the meantime, the cabinets are made of plywood with a laminated finish. Nano White is paved on the worktop, giving a clean look to the kitchen area.

There are two bedrooms on the ground floor while there are three bedrooms on the upper floor. All bedrooms have attached bathroom and have wardrobes as well.

The construction of this beautiful house began during the days of the pandemic. Although work has stopped during the lockdown, the family is happy that they have now moved into their dream mansion.

Project facts

Location – Kinalur, Calicut

Plot of land – 30 cents

Area – 4247 SFT

Owner – Anshu

Engineer – Peugeot

Designer – Shanavas Kuruppath

Shanavas & Co

Mobile – 9048492757

Completion year – 2022

Pictures – Achilles Komache