This luxury case turns your Apple Watch into a Rolex watch; And other smart gifts for Father’s Day

    With only a week left (Father’s Day is this Sunday, in case you forget), this is probably the last window of time you should panic — adding something to your cart and hoping to have it by the 19th. However, worry not because we have covered the gift organization part for you. Here are 5 perfect gifts you can buy for your old man, aside from spending time with him, obviously. They are a combination of smart, useful, stylish and affordable so go ahead and pick any of them and you will be awarded with the ‘Best Son/Daughter of the Year’ award for sure!

    CaseBand Apple Watch Metal Case

    I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who love the Apple Watch for its functionality but not for its looks. For this selection, CaseBand’s Apple Watch Case lets you swap out the Silicon Valley aesthetic on your smartwatch for something a bit more unique. With a luxurious rose gold and black anodized finish, the Switch is a metal case that encases your current Apple Watch, giving it a visual overhaul, without compromising the watch’s capabilities. Each case houses your main Apple Watch hardware unit, bringing the display to the front in a way that’s still easy to reach, while keeping the sensors and charging points on the back of the watch exposed. The crown of the Apple Watch gets a metal case, too, being replaced by a more traditional wristwatch crown, and the power button underneath is also covered by a clickable metal case. Speaker and microphone cutouts ensure the smartwatch works exactly as intended with minimal or no swaps.

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    Bradley Element Tactile Wristwatch from Eone

    If your dad is not passionate about technology and more then Bradley is the perfect alternative choice! Easily one of the most popular watches of the modern era, the Bradley watch comes with a stunning design backed by an incredible story. Named after former Navy officer and Paralympic Games gold medalist Bradley Snyder, the watch hopes to uphold the overall design by being a watch that you can read not only with your eyes, but with your hands as well. The watch reflects on celebrating the brave legacy of Officer Bradley, who lost his sight while detonating bombs during his time in Afghanistan. Defending Bradley’s unstoppable spirit, the watch features two ball bearings that magnetically move around the watch face to read the time (one on the front tells the minutes and the other on the bezel tells the hours). The wearer can simply swipe a finger across the watch to feel the bearings and gain an instant sense of time. If the bearings change position while touching, they can instantly slide backwards thanks to the primary magnet… making the award-winning tactile watch double as a stylish toy too!

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    Sasquatch Multitool from UST

    Here’s a great choice if your dad has a good sense of humor and isn’t afraid to show off sometimes! The perfect blend of quirky and functional Sasquatch Tool from UST comes in the form of a mythical big-footed creature with 12 tools built into its metal frame. Designed to be compact enough to carry with you in your pocket, on your keychain, or on a carabiner attached to your backpack or belt loop, the Sasquatch is the ultimate celebration outside! The versatile, easy-to-use device is the perfect EDC for hiking trips, biking trips, or even fishing/kayaking. Just don’t expect it to help you defend yourself against a real Sasquatch!

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    GuideLight 2 by SnapPower

    Is your dad (like any other dad) an absolute DIY sucker? This stylish light up keyboard will make the perfect “next home project”! It’s simple, it’s practical, it’s pure genius. SnapPower GuideLight 2 is a simple keyboard with a major upgrade – it comes with its own built-in LED strip that activates automatically in the dark to help illuminate your space just enough to help you find your way home. GuideLight 2 is mains powered and does not need to be turned on or off. The entire lighting system fits within the form factor of your keyboard without blocking any sockets, so you can still use it to connect floor lights, smart speakers, or other devices around the house.

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    Hoverpen 2.0 by Novium

    There was a time when “astronaut pens” were all the rage. However, this flying pen is pretty much “out of this world”! Designed as what I suppose is the world’s first “sci-fi” pen, the Hoverpen 2.0 is an engineering marvel as it floats inside a gravity-defying stand, almost looking like something out of a spaceship to an alien. The pen itself is a great writing tool, equipped with a Schmidt ink cartridge for a smooth, luxurious writing experience, however, when you take a break from writing, the pen doesn’t just go into your pencil bag or pen erection. The Hoverpen 2.0 comes with its own magnetic mount that allows it to rest in a tilted position with its tip in contact with the pen holder without tipping over. The magnets inside the arc-shaped fender of the pen holder help the pen hover on its own, resting on just one point. Magnetic forces also cause the pen to gently swing up and down or even rotate on its axis, resulting in an experience that feels both figuratively and literally out of another world!

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