This Mumbai startup helps fans connect with celebrities

Since we were kids, our favorite Famous It has always occupied a small part of our lives. From something as innocent as pasting posters in the bedroom, or copying hairstyles, some fans are taking their fan base to the extreme by building temples in their name – all in the hope that one day they will meet their favorite celebrity.

Enter Mumbai based Gliwish Vegetal Meet & Greet has attracted more than 1,500 influencers, actors, athletes, singers and musicians – nationally and internationally.

Founded in 2021 by brothers Mohsin Khan and Anwar Al-HassanThe startup helps fans meet their favorite celebs over a cup of coffee. It also allows end users and brands to post personal and/or business video messages, Instagram direct message wishes, and learn skills from celebrities. Fans can book these services for a fee of between 500 rupees and 20,000 rupees.

Some common names associated with Celewish include wrestler and MMA fighter Rito Phogat Music composer duo Selim and Suleiman MerchantVeteran Actor Prem Choprainternational actors including Enrique Ars Who played Arturo Roman in the Netflix series Stealing money.

Today, Celewish has more than 1.6 lakh registered users and more 500 associated brands With them. You have successfully hosted more 2000 shoutout videos For fans and more 150 depending on the brand With top artists, including film producer Karan Johar ( and actor Govinda (Amani mobile accessories).

Some of the other brands that the platform has collaborated with include Biryani by kilo, Behrouz biryani, Nivea, Godrej, and Dream 11.

A bootstrapped company was created around 10 lakh rupees revenue Effective March 2021 as per the Code of Conduct files provided by the organization. In the past fiscal year, the startup claims to have raised its revenue even more 1 crore rupee By expanding its collaboration with more brands and influencers.

How it works

The platform is fairly easy to use. After registration, the user can search for their favorite celebrities with whom they want to communicate. They have quite a few options as to how to get involved – a virtual or actual meet-and-greet, a personalized birthday, getting marriage wishes on Instagram, or a virtual endorsement of their brand. The costs of the services are mentioned along with the profile to make it clear to the user, like any other e-commerce platform.

Mohsen and his team 18 members Ensure a hassle-free “meet and greet” service for both celebrities and fans. Prior to the meet, the team conducts a background check, sets the date and location at a five-star hotel, and sponsors travel for both parties.

Commenting on her collaboration with Actor Celewish Tanaz Ahmed Says your story“Celewish is a safe platform for us to meet our fans. Although it is a fairly new concept, with the help of proper advertising and funding, it can survive and thrive in the long run.”


More than just a meet and greet

For a long time, Mohsen worked closely with the brand marketing industry. His brother Anvarol is also influential. Together, they identified the gap that existed between celebrities and brands, and decided to bridge it.

“Not many brands have the right links to reach these celebrities. Not everyone can get a celebrity admin through a Google search. Celewish helps brands connect directly with celebrities. Both celebrities and a brand can save a great deal of time and energy ‘,” says Mohsen, founder and CEO of Celewish.

The brothers decided to use the contacts they gained across the influencer, brands and Bollywood spectrum to spread the word about Celewish.

With influencer marketing taking a strong position in the industry, Mohsen believes that brands need to adopt platforms like Celewish to find the right faces to endorse their brands.

Mohsen says the platform also provides financial support to celebrities who have not had a stable source of income during the pandemic.

Many celebrities lost their projects and had their shows cancelled. The platform provides them with at least some amount of financial support and encourages them to continue their creativity.”

Industry and future perspective

Celewish has launched a new service called Celebrity master classes On April 22, 2022. Under the service, users can learn skills from their favorite celebrities from all fields through virtual classes. Within a month of its launch, it received over 150 inquiries. Mohsen believes that this feature distinguishes itself from its competitors in the market including tringAnd StarClinchAnd Gilmore.

In the coming days, Celewish plans to include more international celebrities while expanding the meet-and-greet platform and master classes.

According to Markets and Markets, the global influencer marketing platform market size will grow from $6 billion in 2020 to $24.1 billion by 2025with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32 percent over the forecast period.

Mohsen sees this as a great opportunity for Celewish to grow and become the preferred platform for brands and celebrities to tap into the potential of influencer marketing and bridge the gap between celebrities and their fans.