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    The opulent stately mansion owned by expat businessman OP Shaji in his hometown of Vailathur, Tirur in Kerala is a stunning building that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to luxury. The huge mansion called “OPS Mansion” exudes the enchanting elegance of royal-colonial architectural styles.

    The shimmering landscape is what grabs the attention as soon as one enters the building. The vast landscape is truly stunning and perfectly complements the royal elevation of the palace. Classic paving stones were used on the long journey starting at the gate. Meanwhile, the magnificent fountain is the centerpiece of the beautiful landscape. The garden has many types of plants, trees, and shrubs, which add nice greenery against the pristine white for height. A gazebo and outdoor seating are also arranged for parties and small gatherings.

    The majestic elevation in white resembles a royal palace. Magnificent carvings, tall columns, multiple domes coffered with shingles, and impressive minarets make the elevation look stunningly beautiful and royal.

    The entrance door opens to the magnificent royal hall. One couldn’t help but gasp in amazement at the grand imperial staircase with split flights.

    OPS Palace set of stair

    Vailathur . house

    Double-height ceilings make interiors seem incredibly spacious. Besides, the designer’s carving work on the walls, fine wood grain furniture and royal chandeliers and elegant gold-tone light fixtures are really impressive. Meanwhile, Italian marble floors add to the luxurious look of the interiors.

    The imperial staircase, a highlight of the interiors, is an interesting design element that separates the spaces around the central hall. Exquisite alloy hand balustrade and unmatched attractive design work radiates the exquisite grace of a royal Arabian palace.

    The spacious dining area is arranged on the right side of the staircase. The designed dining table can easily accommodate up to twelve guests. The wall is accented with attractive wallpaper and space for crockery is arranged here. Interestingly, the washbasin in the washing area looks like a fine golden plate.

    There is a small dining room next to this dining hall. A second dining area has been arranged to accommodate guests as the family often hosts parties.

    The family living area is designed behind the stairs, ensuring privacy. This area is completed by a TV unit and imposing pieces of furniture. This cozy area is a favorite place for family to spend time. The walls are decorated with gorgeous wallpaper that adds sophistication and charm to this area. Meanwhile, the charmingly designed prayer area exudes divine elegance.

    The bedrooms are so opulent and luxurious that any luxury resort could give their money’s worth. The stunningly spacious bedrooms are designed in multiple forms of royal theme.

    The majestic cribs in the bedrooms are quite eye-catching. Suspended ceiling with unusual design work, warm LED lighting, chandeliers, sitting areas, separate workstations, en-suite bathrooms, walk in closets and dressing spaces are some of the amazing amenities in the bedrooms.

    OPS . Palace

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    An imperial staircase leads to a spacious, elegantly furnished loft seating area. Luxurious pieces of furniture, comfortable sofas, designer tables and matching curtain fixtures make this area look incredibly beautiful. Interestingly, the impressive hand railing for the stairs extends to the upper floor as well.

    The dome-shaped triple height ceiling is the highlight here. In the meantime, the gold chandelier sparkles as a fitting centerpiece. A great view of the ground floor, in all its glory, can be enjoyed from this spot.

    The bedrooms on the upper floor follow the same royal theme as the bedrooms on the ground floor.

    The long banquet hall, designed as a small hall, is an interesting addition. This is the perfect area to host family events or small business meetings.

    Interestingly enough, this area has seating arrangements that are done in separate groups, just as in a regular hall. A raised platform that can be used as a podium is built as part of this miniature hall. The long ceiling lighting parallel to the length of the hall is what gives this area a luxurious look. A multi gym has also been arranged next to this party hall.

    The spacious balcony and open terrace are ideal areas from which to enjoy stunning views of the beautiful landscape and the entrance area.

    The island kitchen is modern and elegant. In addition to the main kitchen and show kitchen, there is an adjoining work area as well. The walls here are accented with classic gray earthenware cladding.

    The stately mansion offers unique views from all three sides of the vast landscape. Shading lights on the exterior walls and garden add more dimension and elegance to the mansion at night. In the meantime, the family is proud that their dream home has become the talk of the town with its luxurious features and glamorous designer elements.

    In pictures: Achilles Komache

    Video: Akhin Komachi