Today’s lesson: She interviewed celebrities before school. She is only eleven.

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Featured Article:You meet celebrities before school. She is only 11 years old.Written by Gina Cherylos

Jazzylyn Guerra, better known to her fans as Jazzy, has interviewed celebrities including Alicia Keys, Tom Holland and Jay-Z. Furthermore, she is only 11 years old.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how this “little reporter” gets her big break, the types of questions she asks her subjects and what she does in her spare time. After that, you will ask questions to meet the celebrity of your dreams.

Have you watched “Jazzys WorldTV” on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok? Are there any other “children’s reporters” you follow on social media?

Before reading the article, watch one of Ms. Guerra’s interviews. You can watch this interview with Jay-Z from the featured article, or you can browse one of her channels linked above.

  • What is your favorite question from Ms. Guerra? What would you like to ask the celebrities you’ve met?

  • What do you think could be fun or exciting about being a children’s reporter? What do you think might be difficult?

Look at the eight words below that appear in the featured article. Select as many of them as possible.

1. Self-styled
2. Record
3. Brave
4. pet peeve
5. harmony
6. Themes
7. got
8. The catapult

You can learn what all the words mean, and practice using them, by checking out this list at

Read the articleor follow with PDFThen answer the following questions:

1. The article begins with a section entitled “Claim to Fame”. In your opinion, what does the phrase “claim to fame” mean in this context? What is the reason for Ms. Guerra’s fame?

2. How did Ms. Guerra get started as a child reporter?

3. Why was Ms. Guerra’s interview with Jay-Z so special?

4. What is Ms. Guerra’s next project working on? If you could do any job as a young journalist, what would you want to do?

5. How did Ms. Guerra’s popularity on the Internet affect her experience at school?

If you could talk to any famous person—a movie star, a musician, a talk show host, a sportsperson, or a local celebrity—who would you choose? What questions would you ask this person?

All good journalists research their topics before an interview to make sure they ask thoughtful, interesting, and new questions. Spend 10 minutes searching for your famous character. You can read articles or an online biography, watch a video interview, or listen to a podcast with the person.

Then, using some of the interview skills you saw Ms. Guerra display, ask your famous person five questions. For example, Miss Guerra often associates her questions with her experiences as a young woman. What can these celebrities light up for you and other young people?

What would you ask him about the interview topic about his or her childhood or taking a big break? What would you like to know about how a person works or trains? What do you read about a person online that you want to know more about?

Bonus: You can use these skills to interview someone in your community. Next, write a profile of the person and submit it to the profile contest by February 16th.

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