Top 10 Celebrities Who Like to Gamble: Eye on Annapolis

If you are looking for some inspiration to play online casino games, from the excitement of blackjack in Las Vegas to live roulette in New Zealand, here is a list of famous gamblers. Many of them are poker fans, while others are experts at live roulette or other casino games.

Charlie Sheen

From widely popular shows like Two and a Half Men to films like Platoon and Wall Street, Charlie Sheen has had an excellent acting career.

But he appeared in the news just as much because of his off-screen activities, which included a gambling addiction. He equally enjoyed luxury casinos and sports betting.

Sheen is a prime example of how a fun activity can quickly become harmful. While you should enjoy New Zealand live roulette and other casino games, Shane’s example should teach you that you should avoid addiction.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a household name, especially now that he’s met Jennifer Lopez. He’s an actor, director, writer, and producer, all rolled into one. Some of his best films include Argo, Gone Girl, The Town, and others.

Affleck is a prominent celebrity who is often spotted in casinos and other gambling establishments. Often times, it is seen at the poker or blackjack table.

Although he has a clear preference for those games, he sometimes enjoys live roulette or other casino games.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is another household name. She is a social businesswoman and heiress to the Hilton family fortune.

She is one of the most famous female stars in the world, and is known for her love of casino games. She mostly participates in casino games like live roulette during her trips to Las Vegas.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood with hits like The Department, Jason Bourne movies and many more. But did you know that he was in one of the best gambling-related movies ever?

Matt Damon played an aspiring professional poker player in a movie called Rounders. However, his involvement in gambling and casino games such as live roulette is not just an on-screen business. It extends to his off-screen life, too.

He was coached for his role by a professional poker player and has fallen in love with poker ever since. His preference for blackjack is also widely known.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson may have achieved international fame for her role on the hit TV show Baywatch. She became a globally recognized celebrity, and her life off screen has also attracted a lot of attention.

Among other things, she was revealed to be an avid gambler. She loves live roulette and other types of casino games. They have been known to indulge often, especially when in Las Vegas.

Pamela Anderson is also notorious for incurring large debts from reckless gambling, which is best avoided.

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tiger wood

Tiger Woods is not the best and most famous golfer on the planet. He is also an avid gambler. He is a fan of live roulette and many other casino games, but his favorite is said to be blackjack.

It has been reported that he has spent, and may even win, astronomical sums on blackjack. He used to be a regular at several Las Vegas casinos, but his gambling activities have diminished over the years.

Victoria Corinne Mitchell

Victoria Corinne Mitchell is probably the only celebrity on this list who isn’t an actor. She is a gambling celebrity in every sense of the word.

Mitchell is a professional poker player who also writes columns, books and hosts TV shows. She writes for The Telegraph in the UK and hosts the popular quiz show Only Connect.

As far as her poker career is concerned, she is one of the most successful gamblers in Europe. Moreover, she often said in her interviews that she enjoys online gambling in addition to personal gambling.

George Clooney

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably seen the Oceans Trilogy. They are without a doubt some of the best movies about casinos. Many of the scenes include live roulette and other equally exciting games.

In all three films, the leading man, or one of the leading men, was George Clooney. He’s as passionate about off-screen casinos as he is on-screen – like Matt Damon in that regard.

Clooney loves all kinds of casino games, including live roulette, poker, blackjack, and more. It is reported that he made an effort to start his own casino in Las Vegas!

Ray Romano

Ray Romano is one of the most famous comedians, actors, and writers in Hollywood. You may know him from the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, but what you may not know is that he was also the voice behind Manny in the Ice Age films.

One more surprising fact about Romano is that he is one of the most active gamblers in Hollywood. He is often photographed in Las Vegas casinos and is a very good poker player. He even participated in the World Series of Poker on more than one occasion.

Despite his fondness for poker, he is also said to enjoy other casino games like live roulette from time to time.

Start playing online today

The celebrities listed in this article give a brief overview of the good, bad, and ugly things of gambling. It’s a very fun activity but one that can easily lead to mischief. Therefore, you should gamble responsibly and do it in such a way that you simply enjoy the fun side.

If you are ready to do so, start playing live roulette and more online today from the comfort of your own home!

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