Top 10 cities to visit in countries where there are no travel restrictions

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    Are you looking for your new dream destination? These cities are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a vacation without having to worry about any additional entry requirements for travel.

    We recently updated our post about countries without any travel restrictions, with countries added almost daily. For all destinations listed below, we can assure that there will be no entry requirements for travel. – No pre-flight testing, no quarantine, no proof of vaccination. The only thing is that you may still need a test for your flight home, depending on the current rules of your country.

    Here are some top destinations in the wide open countries that will make you pack your bags for your next much needed adventure. From Dublin and Budapest to the beaches in Mazatlan, you can party like 2019 again.

    Dublin, Ireland

    After two years of limited tourism, Emerald Island is ready to be explored once again. With direct flights available to Dublin from cities in the United States and Canada, you can enjoy the capital, Dublin, like never before.

    Start your journey by joining a walking tour and learning about the city through the eyes of the locals. Then, spend the afternoon wandering the streets of downtown to find your favorite historic pub and whiskey lair. If you can take a longer vacation in Ireland, rent a car and drive along the coast, staying in a cozy bed and breakfast along the way.

    Tourists walking on Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland

    Liberty, El Salvador

    Have you visited El Salvador before? Also known as the first “Bitcoin Country,” there has never been a better time to get to know this beautiful Central American country. With great surfing opportunities paired with stunning beaches and stunning mountain ranges, you will be amazed at how much El Salvador has to offer.

    The seaside town of La Libertad is where it all begins. A short drive south from the capital of San Salvador, travelers wake up to the morning waves of the Pacific Ocean. The main beach in this town is El Tunco, where you can find plenty of accommodation options and restaurants.

    Budapest, Hungary

    Intrepid travelers have always flocked to Budapest and it’s time again. There’s just something about spending an evening at one of the city’s many antique bars, strolling along the Danube, and admiring the city’s stunning skyline that keeps explorers coming back for more.

    While Budapest has a lot of charm, the food culture is one of the biggest attractions. From a steaming hot pot of goulash to the street side I give a cake (Drummer cake) You’ll eat well here in Budapest.

    Mazatlan, Mexico

    It is known that Mexico has not implemented any travel restrictions for international visitors over the past few years. As a result, bustling beach cities like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are becoming one of the most visited destinations in 2021.

    While these two cities are great for travelers, let us take you to the lesser known city of Mazatlan. Located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa along the Pacific coast, Mazatlan has a lot to offer travelers looking for something a little different.

    Begin exploring the Centro Historic before wandering along the scenic Malecon for sunset. While Mazatlan is a popular beach resort destination, there are also plenty of options for budget travelers when it comes to food and accommodation options.

    If you’re looking for other things to do in Mazatlan, take the ferry to nearby Isla de la Piedra (not really an island, but scenic regardless) and spend the day enjoying the beach and tasting great seafood.

    Come to the beautiful resort community of Mazatlan and enjoy the views, water and beaches.

    Bergen, Norway

    Located along the southwest coast of Norway, Bergen is a beloved travel destination for good reason. Magnificent fjords is only a day trip and is also some of the most accessible fjords in the country. The best way to experience these wonders is to book a local tour.

    Bergen also has amazing architecture, with all the historical buildings and colorful houses located along the mountain peaks of the city. It’s also a very walkable city, where you can easily spend hours strolling along Fagin Harbor and sampling Scandinavian dishes at some of the city’s many seaside restaurants.

    Bergen, Norway.  A view of the historic buildings at the Bryggen- Hanseatic wharf in Bergen, Norway.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site (Bergen, Norway. A view of the historic buildings at the Bryggen Hanseatic Quay in Bergen, Norway. UNESCO World Heritage Site,

    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Begin your adventures in Slovenia in the capital, Ljubljana. Here, you will be transported back in time to one of the greenest and most charming cities in all of Central Europe. Admire the Baroque architecture of the old town’s churches before heading to the famous Ljubljana Castle.

    Ljubljana is a really green city – it has the largest car-free zone in the European Union and the city is very bike-friendly. There is even an electric train to transport tourists around the heart of the city. All combined with the countless parks scattered throughout the city, you can take a relaxing cultural vacation here in Ljubljana.

    Prešeren Square, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Remember when we all flocked to Iceland back in 2018? Now that Iceland has eliminated all entry requirements for travelers from February 25, you can visit this unique island nation like in pre-pandemic times.

    Start your trip by booking a tour of some of Iceland’s top attractions which is an easy day trip from the capital, Reykjavik. With geothermal resorts like the picturesque Blue Lagoon and Black Sand Beach, you’ll be booking your flight in no time.

    Reykjavik is also home to international cuisine and a great coffee culture that will have you eating and drinking your way around the city for days on end.

    A small park stands on the edge of Gullfoss Waterfall, also known as the Golden Falls, located on the Olvossa River in southwest Iceland

    Ammaan Jordan

    Amman, the capital of Jordan, is the cultural heart of the country. Explore the heart of the modern city center before you reach Roman ruins such as the castle and the Roman theater. Spend a few days walking around marketsGoing to art museums and sipping coffee in a courtyard in one of Amman’s picturesque neighborhoods.

    Oman is also on the list of unique destinations to visit this year. Take a once in a lifetime trip here and experience history like no other.

    Amman Citadel is a historical site in downtown Amman

    Dirty, Montenegro

    Located along the Adriatic coast, Kotor is a jewel in the beautiful Balkan country of Montenegro. This city offers sea and mountain views to stroll and a unique culture to experience. If this is your first visit to the Balkans, a city like Kotor is a great place to start.

    Join a walking tour of the Old Town to get your directions, before heading out in the afternoon to sample some delicious Kotor cuisine. There is also a beach nearby where you can relax, where you can enjoy paddle boards with great views.

    The historical city of Perast in the Bay of Kotor in summer, Montenegro

    Saint Michel, Curacao

    A quieter option than the capital, Willemstad, Sint Michiel offers great accommodation options as you’ll be close to some of the island’s best beaches, such as Blue Bay and Kokomo.

    The peace and quiet you will find here may be the perfect and relaxing beach getaway you have been looking for.

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