Trends in luxury hotel interiors – the next

    From elegance to home: trends in luxury hotel interiors

    June 1, 2022

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    As the hospitality and travel industry regains strength, people are once again flocking to the opulent halls of luxury hotels and guesthouses – which means the competition is fiercer than ever. Hotel clients expect only the best from the accommodations they choose, so keeping up with the latest interior design trends has never been more important.

    Soothing, homey atmosphere

    In 2022, many hotels are adopting a more relaxed, mood-enhancing approach to the interior design and atmosphere. In the past, hotel trends mainly stuck to a sense of increased modernization and new design options, while travelers today prefer a more comfortable environment to spend time in. This direction is important because it sets the tone for all the other experiences I might have in a hotel. If they feel comfortable, warm, and at home, they are more likely to extract more value from their stay.

    Hotel designers can create a more subtle and relaxing atmosphere by investing in soft mood lighting or non-toxic candles to create a distinctive home feel. These candles are also great for adding natural fragrances and preventing allergic reactions that may occur with synthetic alternatives.

    Advanced technological amenities

    In this day and age, hotels, especially those that consider themselves one of the “luxury” brands, can no longer have access to only Wi-Fi and an adequate number of power outlets. Consumers in the 1920s are bred for high-speed technology connectivity and entertainment, which is why improving hotel technology amenities is a strong move to make this year. There are many ways to speed up this change in any luxury hotel.

    Creating a functional co-working space for remote workers and digital nomads is essential, along with iPads instead of computers for reservations and stay procedures, and keyless entry via smartphone apps and QR codes. Some hotels even turn to robots for concierge assistance, delivery and housekeeping assistance throughout the hostel.

    Technological improvements like these communicate a message of engagement with current developments and can also enhance efficiency for both guests and employees of a hotel. All these facilities amplify the sense of technological fluidity, attracting guests from all over the world who can take advantage of these advanced services.

    Natural wooden materials

    Increasingly, trend analysts are seeing more wood textiles in the field of hotel interior design. The organic hues, textures, and overall visual impact of raw wood have a calming and calming effect on the mind, harking back to that sense of “home” that many places aim to recreate this season.

    Natural, rustic wood can appear in a variety of hotel interior items, such as floors, wall panels, or even a statement piece like a piece of driftwood suspended from the ceiling. In fact, the use of reclaimed driftwood is a huge trend for any interiors in 2022, as it is a sustainable natural resource and has a mystical appeal. Wood is a timeless fabric with endless practical and aesthetic purposes.

    Hotel designers clearly have a lot to work with, and these three trends are a good place to start.

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