Vivrelle unveils showroom and social club for new members only

    “Our goal was to create a more enjoyable experience for our community. This showroom not only acts as an extension of our members’ wardrobes but provides them with a place to spend their time, whether it is to relax and connect with friends and other members, a coffee break between meetings or a temporary place to rest” says co-founder of Vivrelle , Blake Given. “We are pleased to have had the opportunity to cooperate with Hillary is dead on designing our perfect new home.”

    The showroom offers a highly immersive and elevated retail experience, allowing members to easily browse and sample items from a luxury display of Vivrelle’s collection of handbags, jewellery, watches and diamonds in a relaxed environment before exchanging or purchasing. Designed to capture the upscale and modern designer Hillary is dead They aim to create a space that feels warm and elegant at the same time. The designer’s goal was to escape from the hustle and bustle New York City Streets where customers can come, shop, relax and enjoy the experience without feeling rushed. Hilary embraced handbags as the star of the show, opting for a neutral color palette with black and white and pops of pink throughout.

    The bar will serve a selection of coffee, tea, wine and cocktails and free high speed WIFI will be available throughout the lounge. Vivrelle will also integrate exclusive member programs such as workout classes with celebrity guest trainers, retail activities and social events with Vivrelle’s Perks Partners including brands like Barry’s Boot Camp, Caraway, Daily Harvest, Sakara and more.

    Vivrelle membership ranges from $39$279/Month. For those outside New York CityVivrelle is also available online and via its mobile app. More information about the Vivrelle Membership Program and how to visit our new showroom can be found at

    About Vivrelle

    founded in September 2018 by newlyweds Blake Wayne GeffenAnd the February It is a first-of-its-kind membership club that provides access to coveted handbags, jewellery, watches and diamonds for a monthly membership fee. With a dedication to making luxury accessories fun, affordable and sustainable, Vivrelle offers members the ability to borrow items without a return date. In a new take on the pre-purchase experience model, Vivrelle members can also purchase items they love from Vivrelle’s locker at discounted rates that are exclusive to members only.

    Around Hillary is dead

    Hillary is dead He is an interior designer based in New York CitySpecializing in residential and commercial interior designs. Hillary and her team create an individual design for each project and lead their clients through the design process seamlessly. Function and comfort are paramount to Hillary when designing a space, as well as timeless design.

    Hillary’s current and past projects include homes in New York CityHamptons Los AngelesAnd the ChicagoAnd the San FranciscoAnd the MiamiCapital , Connecticut And the New Jersey. Hillary’s work appears regularly in leading design and lifestyle publications including Architectural Digest and Modern Luxury & Home & Gardens. Hillary has also been selected as one of the next wave of House Beautiful designers for 2022.

    Source Vivrelle