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    I will admit that my coordinating skills are not what they used to be. In fact, you could say I’m a bit clumsy — not the type who regularly (or anyone else) land me (or anyone else) in emergency rooms, but definitely the kind who made me drop my phone or knock on my drink glasses at least once a week. Well, well, maybe more than once a day …

    Needless to say, my sticks of butter have been the cause of quite a few messes over the years. Not to mention the permanent stains that ruin clothes and leave eyes on expensive furniture. So, I needed to find a cleaning product that could save me from myself — and make any evidence of liquid spills, breakouts, and drips go away. Cue: Volex Instant Carpet Remover. He might not have been able to get the clums out of a girl, but he was excellent at keeping spots off of just about anything.

    It is safe to use

    Finding a stain remover is one thing, but finding a safe stain remover is another. Before adding Folex cleaner to my cart, I wanted to make sure I hadn’t invited potentially harmful ingredients into my home. Fortunately, this spot cleaner is free of VOCs, solvents, and petrolatum, according to the brand, which also says it’s safe to use around children and pets.

    I don’t have any kids running around, but I do have a 16 year old dog who loves to lick random things on the floor in his old age. So, it’s a relief that I won’t inadvertently compromise it while cleaning.

    It works on more than just carpet

    Judging by the promises printed on the bottle alone, I expected this cleanser to be a miracle worker. It claims to be “the solution to your stains!” And to help remove a variety of stain-causing liquids, including food, rust, wine, coffee, makeup, and more. And while it has “carpet” in the name, this cleaner is also a game-changer in raising annoying marks on other surfaces, too. The only caveat is that they must be materials that can be rehydrated with water, according to the brand.

    I first tried Folex’s Instant Carpet Stain Remover on one of the worst spots I’ve had so far: a two-year-old smudge of dirt on the edge of my mattress. (This is what happens when you don’t hire professionals to help you out on the day of the commute.) I followed Folex’s directions by spraying a generous amount of cleaner directly onto the black spot, then proceeded to “gently swirl” it with a paper towel (you can also use a clean rag). After about four or five thrusts, about 80 percent of the fuzzy dirt went off instantly.

    I really expected this stain to give a bit more of a fight, especially considering how long it’s been on my bed, but the remaining 20 percent of the mark lifted easily after a few sprays and flicks of the towel.

    Courtesy of Danielle Murphy

    When I tried the stain remover on the second spot—a dark ink streak on the side of my work chair—I expected this to be a more complicated situation. As if I was expecting some difficulty, I deviated from the instructions and went with a vigorous rubbing back and forth. The mark faded a bit, but was still noticeable after a few minutes of intense scanning. However, once I went back to the light patting motion, the formula seemed to react differently and soon the ink was completely gone.

    Courtesy of Danielle Murphy

    Then came the most annoying spot: the red wine. I spilled some Pinot Noir on one of my drying mats, something I usually keep on my all-white kitchen counter at all times. Since the giant red bug doesn’t quite fit into my home decor style, I was determined to remove it (not spend money on a new mat). I repeated the same spraying and patting process, and somehow, ridding myself of that huge wine stain was easier than the dirt and ink combined. Other than the wet circuit that eventually dried up, there was no indication of a leak at all.

    Courtesy of Danielle Murphy

    It is odor free

    If you’re worried about that harsh chemical smell that lingers with most cleaners, don’t worry! Folex Instant Spot Remover does not emit any odor that may have something to do with its water-based formula.

    If you’re clumsy (or messier) than me, you can buy a 128-ounce bottle of Folex—and in a pack of 4—directly from Amazon. I chose the smallest 32-ounce container, and for just $12 I got a lot for my money. The formula tends to settle quickly, so I felt like I had to reapply a lot to revitalize it more. By the time I cleaned all three stains, I had used a lot of cleaner, but felt like there was a lot of stuff left in the bottle.

    If there’s one product I’ll make sure to always stock in my cleaning closet, it’s a stain remover. I’m really impressed with how well it removes old and new stains, and I’m sure I’ll have other mishaps using it soon. (I actually loaned it to my mom to remove a pasta stain on her minimalist.) I’m probably due to a clumsy mistake, but Folex hasn’t dropped the ball yet in any of the stain emergencies.

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