Walmart and BetterUp launch platform to support the mental fitness of millions of caregivers

    San Francisco–(work wire) – BetterUp®, the human transformation company, and Walmart today announced a new curated subscription and community offering to support the community of caregivers. BetterUp for Caregivers™ is the only coaching subscription available exclusively through The Wellness Hub at The product offering is the first of its kind to date, and has been designed by Ph.D.s and behavioral scientists to deliver measurable improvement in resilience and life satisfaction. Members will experience live group programming, community support, and a wide range of on-demand solutions, including live workshops, Coaching Circles™, self-directed programs, and personalized assessments—all created to improve resilience, energy, and social connection.

    It is estimated that one in five Americans — 53 million people — provides unpaid help and support to parents, adults, and children with health needs.1 Evidence shows that the majority of these caregivers receive little or no support, and that at least a third of all caregivers provide care to others while experiencing poor health themselves. The BetterUp trainers on the platform are highly certified and vetted and specialize in supporting caregivers to overcome their unique challenges. Weekly community interaction is supported by action-oriented and validated exercises based on over 1 million BetterUp training sessions that have helped people identify their strengths, unlock greater clarity, and reach better mental fitness. On average, members who start their coaching journey low in these areas see a 149% increase in resilience, an 83% increase in life satisfaction and a 90% increase in stress management.

    “Caregivers experience some of the highest levels of stress and isolation in our country,” said Eduardo Medina, co-founder and chief operating officer of BetterUp. “It is critical to effectively support such an important community, and we are proud to harness BetterUp’s expertise in human transformation to support them in finding social connection, building their mental fitness and increasing their resilience through scientifically backed digital technology and human-focused solutions. This is the first time that Attempting a solution of this magnitude, we couldn’t be happier to collaborate with Walmart to provide a transformative experience for this community at scale.”

    BetterUp for Caregivers leverages more than eight years of insights and experience in training and developing “Whole Person™”, rooted in science and a holistic approach to creating mental fitness and resilience in individuals. The offer will include a wide range of on-demand solutions including 25-minute workshops on topics such as stress and finding balance, customized self-guided programs, and personalized assessments. The pivotal portion of the show includes Self-Care for Caregivers Coaching Circles™, a live community program led by professional coaches that will cover topics such as self-care, building strength and resilience, caring, and compassion.

    “Over the past few years at Walmart, we have worked tirelessly to bring trusted health and personal care products to our customers so they can live better and feel their best,” said Julie Barber, senior vice president of Health and Wellness Services. Walmart US “Many of these customers serve their family members as caregivers, giving themselves daily with little time dedicated to their health. That’s why we’re so excited to bring BetterUp for Caregivers to – where we provide accessible, on-demand solutions. For customers who care about those around them.”

    BetterUp for Caregivers is a monthly subscription and includes live lessons, interactive exercises, quizzes, games, wellbeing tracking, community support, confidentiality, 24/7 access to resources, and more tools, at a cost of about $30 per week.

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    1 National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. (2020). Providing care in the United States Washington DC

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