Watch: Old customer says Depp’s celebrity character is ‘faded’ with deteriorating professional behavior

    Johnny Depp FHer financial and professional standing faced scrutiny as several witnesses shared their testimony Wednesday in a heated $50 million defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. Eyewitnesses have witnessed the actor’s decline in popularity over recent years in the wake of allegations of abuse, misconduct, and drug use.

    The testimonies of the actor’s former agent, manager and friend were shown in court as they testified to the actor’s career over the past 10 years. Heard began dating Depp in 2011, and the couple went public the following year, when she claimed Depp began to physically and then sexually abuse her.

    Tracy Jacobs is Depp’s former agent of 30 years who was fired around the time the famous couple broke up. At the height of Depp’s fame, Jacobs referred to the actor as “the biggest star in the world”. However, when Depp began exhibiting “unprofessional behaviour,” he became a “much more sophisticated” client, according to Jacobs.

    ‘I was afraid of him’: He overheard his friend speaking at the DEPP defamation trial

    “Well, at first, the crew liked it,” Jacob said. “But the crews don’t like sitting for hours and hours waiting for a movie star to show up.” “It also went down the city…and made people hesitate to use it towards the end.”

    Jacobs claimed that Depp soon “began to appear late to set steadily in almost every film”. In the end, the actor was given earbuds to feed his lines to him. However, Jacobs testified that Depp was never fired from a movie and paid more than $25 million to be in the fifth installment of the movie. Pirates of the Caribbean a series. Disney never committed to casting Depp in the series’ sixth movie, according to his agent.

    His star was dim, Jacobs said.

    The actor will also involve Jacobs in his marital problems. When Heard was cast in the movie london fields Along with Billy Bob Thornton, he urged Jacobs to contact the film’s director and producers.

    “They must be closed down or I will hold them to account in eighteen ways,” Depp wrote in an email to Jacobs that was shown in court.

    “I think he was trying to get me to take it out,” Jacobs said.

    However, Jacobs agreed that his reputation was also damaged by Heard’s opinion piece, among other things.

    Joel Mandel, Depp’s business manager, has been fired under a subpoena. He claimed that it became clear to him that Depp had a drug and alcohol abuse problem, which resulted in mismanagement of money. Depp’s income and spending were “significant”.

    “My warnings in 2015 that we were in very difficult financial circumstances were not well met,” Mandel said.

    Mandel was eventually fired by Depp.

    Jacobs also painted a picture of the financial problems, testifying that Depp once visited the office and asked for $20 million.

    Bruce Whitkin, a former friend of Depp’s, gave further testimony about Depp’s drug use, citing the incident in Australia between the actor and his wife who left him with a severed finger.

    “The fact that he had his finger cut off somehow and he had doctors around him that were supposed to keep him awake. Everything was supposed to be better, and it wasn’t,” Whitkin said.

    After Depp’s finger was cut off, the reason for this was hotly debated, he wrote on the walls and mirrors of the house with his own blood. One of the phrases he wrote was “Plain Amber and Billy Bob” in reference to london fields Movie.

    “He could definitely have a jealous streak in him,” Whitkin said.


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