Why should creators and celebrities want to enter the Metaverse?

A new iteration of the internet known as the metaverse is disrupting the way markets used to function. From communications, marketing and games to branding, Metaverse is transforming every sector through innovation and groundbreaking technology. While there is speculation about the growth and future of the metaverse, experts believe it will be the next big revolution that will lead the economy toward growth and development.

Before we delve into the benefits and future opportunities that will unfold in the metaverse, let’s start with a simple understanding of what the metaverse is all about and how brands and celebrities can play a critical role in building the future everyone dreams of.

Metaverse is defined as an immersive virtual world where you can interact, play, communicate or work. You can meet your favorite star or you can attend their concert with a virtual multi-dimensional representation of yourself called a digital avatar. Therefore, the metaverse enables one to enjoy the real world experience through digital media. The internet is generally a 2D experience but with the metaverse you can scroll and browse online not just on one screen but have a 3D look.

Many celebrities are already adopting these other decentralized technologies by being actively part of them.

Others get into ready-to-process parts, such as creating their own digital avatars based on their real-life selves, allowing fans to buy and sell their exclusive digital collectibles, or giving them a chance to interact through augmented virtual reality. So, regardless of whether the metaverse is close by or just vaporware, celebrities across film, music, and entertainment are investing heavily in the digital future.

While the metaverse is based on a parallel digital economy – powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency, it will allow users to buy and sell goods and services across the metaverse. Tech giants, major consumer brands, and thousands of startups are raising billions of dollars to create a navigable digital reality. For example, Nike just bought a company that makes nothing but digital shoes that your avatar can wear while in the metaverse.

The virtual economy that will connect the metaverse is likely to be built on a completely new blockchain application called non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Celebrities and creators are already jumping into this massive trend of selling their NFTs via fans. NFTs within the metaverse can be used to buy, sell, or trade to obtain financial benefits. As the metaverse allows artists to engage directly with their fans and audiences, The profits and revenue that artists will get will be relatively higher.

Moreover, Metaverse will provide multiple benefits to celebrities and creators interested in technology and its effects. It will bring the community of creators together by providing a way for the user to interact with virtual objects like never before. In short, you will improve the overall experience through high-quality interactions and increase sustainability. While the metaverse is already on the way, it is necessary to consider the innovative aspects and how one can take advantage of the newly emerging space that is likely to explode in the near future.


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