World Unite for Ukraine announces global concert event featuring Pink Floyd, AJR and other international artists and celebrities to air on June 16, 2022

New York–(work wire) – World Unite for Ukraine™, a global grassroots movement uniting millions of people around the world to support Ukrainians and alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, announced today that it will present a 90-minute streaming music event on June 16, 2022 The event will be broadcast in more than 25 countries It will feature music by Pink Floyd, AJR, Pat McGee Band, Crash Taste Dooms and more, as well as appearances by actors Liev Schreiber and Big Vahdat, Ukrainian-born multimedia artist Janina Bedan and other celebrities. From the United States, Ukraine and other countries around the world. World Unite for Ukraine aims to raise US$10 million to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine through the United States-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) and its direct action network, BlueCheck.

Veteran concert producer Simon Kinney donates his time, energy and expertise to be the event’s executive producer. Kinney event credits include the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and touring productions by major international artists, including Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and P! nk.

The World Unite for Ukraine event currently features music and appearances from prominent American, Ukrainian and international artists and actors, and other international celebrities, including:

  • home country

  • AJR

  • Pat McGee’s band

  • crash test dummies

  • Janina Bedan

  • Nastya Kamensky

  • Ruslana

  • beauty

  • Michel Andrade

  • Dorofeeva

  • Function

  • Rocolana

  • pianoboy

Leading artists, actors, and celebrities will also share messages of support and inspiration, along with powerful stories from Ukraine that will highlight the country’s history and culture and the devastating impact of war on Ukraine and its people.

World Unite for Ukraine will announce additional participants in the coming weeks.

The event stream will begin on live streaming platform Mandolin at 8 PM ET on June 16, 2022. It will also be available on demand for at least 24 hours after the event. Viewers can access the broadcast by visiting the Mandolin event page and can choose from several donation levels to secure their ticket. Prior to the event, donors can also donate through the event page or through an active GoFundMe campaign and receive an access token to watch the broadcast. Corporate sponsorship is also available.

Funds raised by World Unite will go to Ukraine to provide food and shelter for displaced Ukrainians, medical supplies and equipment, clothing and other essential goods and services, including mental health support. Funds will also be distributed to local grassroots organizations through Blue Check and invested in efforts to combat human trafficking.

The donation suggested by the organizers is $30 per viewer, who can:

  • Providing infant formula for a displaced child for two weeks

  • Feed a family of four for two weeks

  • Relocation of displaced families to countries around the European Union for resettlement

  • Providing much-needed medicines for critical and long-term health conditions

Merchandise for the World Unite for Ukraine is designed and created by international artists based in the United States with special connections to Ukraine. It will be available for purchase on the Mandolin Concert page as well as directly through the World Unite for Ukraine online store. All proceeds from merchandise will go towards helping the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

said Victoria Yampolsky, a New York-based immigrant from the former Soviet Union and a global inhabitant of the American entrepreneur who created and co-founded World Unite for Ukraine.

John Quinn, US Ukraine Foundation Board Member, added, “The humanitarian crisis on the ground in Ukraine is appalling. The world must come together to help alleviate the pain and suffering of Ukrainians at this urgent time. I invite everyone to watch this event and donate whatever they can to support organizations Popularity affecting the ground in Ukraine. ”

The event’s charitable partner, USUF, is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating on the ground in Ukraine since 1991. USUF supports the development of democracy, a free market economy, and human rights in Ukraine while strengthening the bonds between America and Ukraine.

Donations can be made to the World Unite for Ukraine campaign for Ukraine before, during or after the concert. For more information, visit

To access the broadcast and purchase advance tickets, visit

To donate, visit Everyone who makes a donation will get free access to the broadcast.

Around the world unite for Ukraine

World Unite for Ukraine™ It is a global grassroots movement that unites millions of people around the world to support Ukrainians and alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. On June 16, 2022, World Unite for Ukraine will present a 90-minute virtual event broadcast to more than 25 countries that will feature top international artists, actors and celebrities from the United States, Ukraine and other countries around the world. With a goal of raising US$10 million, World Unite for Ukraine is raising funds on behalf of its non-profit partner, the United States Ukraine Foundation. Founded by two immigrants from the former Soviet Union, World Unite for Ukraine supports a team of more than 100 volunteers from around the world. For more information, to donate and to learn how to watch the event, visit and follow on Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok.