Your jaw will drop when you hear what celebrities are saying right now about Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s ongoing defamation trial – turns 58 Pirates of the Caribbean An actor sues his 36-year-old ex-wife for $50 million in connection with a 2018 article she wrote about facing alleged ‘domestic violence’; They are suing 100 million dollars! – He’s still taking Hollywood by storm. And it seems like everyone from fans to fellow A-listers aren’t shy about sharing their opinions, or letting the world know who’s on their side!

We thought celebrities would be somewhat wary of speaking out about the trial, given how some other celebrities have been criticized for their comments. We’re of course referring to Drew Barrymore, after the 47-year-old actress described the trial as “seven layers of madness” in a recent episode of her The Drew Barrymore Show, She was instantly met with a lot of criticism from fans!

However, the 50 first dates The actress soon apologized for the comment via an Instagram video she posted on May 1. She said, “It has come to my knowledge that I offended people by highlighting Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and for that I just want to deeply apologize and appreciate everyone who spoke.”

Barrymore then described the incident as a “teachable moment for me and how I move forward and how I act” and added, “I can be a more thoughtful and better person moving forward, because all I want to do is be a good person. And I deeply appreciate the depth of this, I will grow and change from it. And I thank everyone who helped me grow along the way and teach me.” Now let’s see who has something to say about Deep…

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Jason Momoa

This has always been interesting, given that Momoa is starring Aquaman next to Heard. However, the Internet could not help but notice that the former game of thrones follow the actor Edward Scissorhands An actor on Instagram during the trial, who according to fans told them everything they needed to know about who was standing next to him!

“Jason Momoa Follows Johnny Depp On Instagram AS OF TODAY TALKS VOLUMES!” shouted an ardent fan. Another wrote, “Jason Momoa’s Johnny Depp support is the best thing I’ve read today,” and the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp followed. “Jason Momoa followed Johnny Depp. I knew it was only a matter of time!!” Another fan remarked, before adding that they “were waiting for him to follow up on Amber Heard”. Look at this space!

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Jennifer Gray

The dirty dance The star had a few things to say about her relationship with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory represented in her recently published memoirs, outside the corner. And it might not be what fans want to hear, as she called him “crazy, mad, panicked.” Although their relationship in the late ’80s started off well, they were said to “talk, drank Jack Daniel’s, laughed.” [expletive] taking cigarette breaks mid-cycle.” During their first date, things between Gray and the actor she described as “ridiculously beautiful” (indisputably there) took a drastic turn when he had to commute between Vancouver and Los Angeles. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off The star claimed that she was overcome by jealousy, and he was skeptical about what she would have done in his absence.

“He started missing his trips home to Los Angeles after he slept too long, or when he got home he was jealous and crazy about what I was doing on his trip. He feels miserable and powerless to get off. [the TV series] 21 Jump Street’” Gray wrote, also remarking: “Every week Johnny was commuting back and forth from Vancouver, but he started getting more and more into trouble: fights in bars, skirmishes with cops. “

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Other Exes – Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis

On the other hand, Depp’s other experiences had much more positive things to say about the actor. And not just for this trial! During the infamous 2020 libel trial involving Depp and News Group Newspapers Ltd (publishers the sun) As the actor sued for an article he described as a “wife beater,” ex-fiancé Winona Ryder made a statement saying, “I can’t wrap my head around these accusations. I really and honestly only know him as a really good guy – a very loving, very caring man who was very protective of me.” very much and the people he loves.”

Vanessa Paradis, who Depp has been with for 14 years and shares 22-year-old daughter Lily-Rose Depp, also weighed in, calling him “a kind, attentive, generous, non-violent person and father.”