10 funniest celebrities on TikTok

With the new Lizzo series on Netflix, Lizzo watch out for big girlsThe star is getting more attention on social media. And many new fans may not know that in addition to being extremely talented, she is actually quite funny.

Everyone loves to follow their favorite celebs online, but TikTok is the only social media platform that really has the ability to let the full personalities of its users come to life. While many celebrities are still not on TikTok, others are posting horrifying and engaging content that needs checking.

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10 doja cat

Doja Cat posing for Spotify

Doja Cat is arguably one of the most popular celebrities today. A Grammy Award-winning and American musician, she has a wonderful, quirky and immature sense of humor. She often acts like she doesn’t know she’s a celebrity, which is what makes her TikTok page so unique.

With 23.8 million followers, Doja Cat has a large following who love watching her content. From sharing the latest trends to a duo of people’s videos, she posts tons of funny and entertaining content, giving her a sense of humor and personality. Sometimes Doja Cat puts the most random videos on her TikTok, like the videos of her sneezing and singing to her cat. People love Doja Cat, and her personality on TikTok makes her a very popular and entertaining personality.

9 Lizo

Lizzo performing at Radio City Music Hall

Lizzo is definitely one of the most empowering celebrities out there. She has always been very confident and extremely elegant, refusing to let other people’s opinions define her, or even bother her for that matter. As a winner of three Grammy Awards, Lizzo’s music is often very popular on TikTok, where people create dances and trends with her music.

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TikTok reflects her sweet, loud and fun personality. She loves posting high-energy dance videos, videos of her responding to people’s cute and sassy comments, and videos of her sharing the latest trends. Lizzo’s amazingly fun and playful personality really shines through on TikTok, allowing herself to be her unapologetic self.

8 Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas performing at the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball

The Jonas Brothers are often seen as a group, but Joe Jonas, the eldest of the three, has truly become his own on TikTok. His somewhat unpredictable, goofy personality is reflected in his TikTok page.

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Very often, Jonas shoots videos with his wife Sophie Turner, which is surprisingly funny, strange and interesting on his page. He is photographed with his two brothers occasionally, but most of his content only shows him. Jonas makes a lot of random videos, like videos of him going to Walmart, lip syncing to popular songs or sounds, or just showing off his clothes.

7 Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas performing on stage

The youngest of the Jonas brothers, Nick Jonas has also made a name for himself on TikTok. Whether he’s making fun of cake videos or making headlines about himself, Jonas lets his sense of humor shine through on his TikTok page, giving his fans a glimpse into his real personality and what his real life looks like.

Jonas’ content is always fun, and he loves to switch it up. Sometimes he posts lyrical videos, other times his videos are about him struggling to use TikTok. No matter what Jonas posts, his followers and fans are always entertained and engaged.

6 Hank Green

Hank Green at home

Hank Green is the internet’s favorite. The science videos of Green, a famous author, science communicator and entrepreneur, have helped countless students pass high school courses, and he does better on TikTok. Although his videos are generally related to science, Green can also be very random on his page, occasionally posting videos of himself singing popular TikTok sounds and complimenting other people’s videos.

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Green is a very reliable person on TikTok. People will tag him in all kinds of videos and ask him to confirm or deny certain scientific claims or facts, often making a video in response, to give his opinion on current issues. Green’s TikTok is a very fun and educational place that never disappoints.

5 Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madeline Petsch

Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and Lili Reinhart pose for IMDb

Riverdale It might be one of the most ridiculous shows on the CW, but the cast definitely knows how to use social media. While they are social media masters on their own, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Madelaine Petsch have a fun and hilarious joint TikTok account. The three actresses enjoy the dynamism of a great friendship with clear chemistry and a very close bond.

Reinhart, Mendes, and Petsch love to post unexpected and unique content together, like random lip-sync videos, videos of them dancing on set, and videos of them playing with their dogs. Their TikTok page is hilariously unpredictable and never fails to make their followers laugh.

4 Simo Liu

Simo Liu poses for CDN

Simu Liu is one of the biggest superstars of 2021, starring in the hit movie, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the first Marvel movie with an Asian American hero. Liu is best known for being a well-known social media master, from showing off his Marvel role in an old tweet, to posting hilarious TikToks, to filming fight sequences with his friends on Instagram.

Liu joined TikTok during quarantine after he was already cast shang chi. Although he uses TikTok the least on other social media platforms, he certainly knows how to use it well, amassing nearly two million followers in just two years. Liu may not post much on TikTok, but when he does, it’s always good. Who posted Old Spice ads made in his house and behind-the-scenes footage from shang chi For comics about Asian parents fighting over the check over dinner, Leo is never out of touch when it comes to social media.

3 Ilona Maher

Ilona Maher

During the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, many Olympic athletes exploded on TikTok, but no one did a better job of amassing a large following on that platform than American rugby player, Ilona Maher. With nearly a million followers, Maher offers a little bit of everything on her TikTok. Sometimes she posts videos that give an insight into her life as a rugby player, other times she talks about her dating or her friends.

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People love Maher’s content because despite being a professional athlete, she shows the vicissitudes of what that life looks like, and she offers a realistic depiction of what it means to be a woman in sports, a woman in the dating world and a woman who doesn’t adhere to traditional beauty standards. Maher is changing the way people think about athletes and women with muscles by normalizing her experience through TikTok.

2 Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon posing for the Architectural Brief

With the help of her children, Reese Witherspoon has become one of the funniest and most relevant celebrities on TikTok. Witherspoon’s TikTok page is very versatile. All of her videos are very interesting and entertaining, but they never stick to certain categories of content.

Two-time Oscar winner Witherspoon is surprisingly taking the lead in the latest TikTok trends. She even has a series called “Good Advice?” Where she gives her followers the best advice as an actress and as a mother. When Witherspoon isn’t giving advice online, she posts tons of trendy and random videos, from inspirational snippets and posts about feeding her dogs to beach travel shots.

1 Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is known for being a tough guy in the kitchen, and that definitely extends to his TikTok page. He has become quite the personality of TikTok, somehow making it into the world of social media as well as the world of cooking and reality TV.

His page is mostly filled with videos of him interacting with people’s food videos, and for the most part, he’s pretty terrified. He also makes a lot of TikToks with his daughter, Tilly, where she often makes fun of his culinary skills, saying she loves her mother’s cooking more than her father’s.

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