11 unique pieces of furniture and decor

    We are very impressed with all things unique, especially when it comes to home decor. After all, life would be boring if every interior was designed the same. Ornaments and décor featuring unique shapes and silhouettes inspired by organic elements are a great way to add character to your home.

    Forget consistency, we wanted to share our favorite pieces with you that are wonky, textured and interesting in all respects. All of these pieces can be found at the House Beautiful Marketplace, so you can easily update your home.

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    If you love simple yet stunning home decor, you can do no better than this. It’s quirky and ribbed but still understated thanks to its smoky brown glass finish. The asymmetric shape is also unique in design and is sure to generate a lot of compliments.


    Black Lenora Metal Wall Storage Unit



    A stunning blend of bold geometric shapes and an industrial metal frame make these shelves a feature in themselves. Keep it minimal and elegant with a single trim on each shelf.


    Sand lolly table lamp



    Light up your home with this Scandinavian-inspired lamp from Broste Copenhagen. Ribbed details give the lamp and its base texture and add additional visual intrigue. The combination of neutral tones and the matte finish of the unusual shape of this lamp lets it do all the talking.


    Emery Round Wooden Coffee Table, Brown

    Home furniture


    This industrial coffee table features a round top supported by a tapered, cage-inspired metal frame. We especially like the difference in width between the table top and base – it makes the whole design even more impressive.


    Ella Pewter Mirror by Pewter



    This uniquely shaped mirror is guaranteed to give your walls an instant lift. We love the organically inspired silhouette, which is reminiscent of the pebble on the beach. It is a perfect match for contemporary interiors.


    Ainsley blue glass vase



    Frosted glass gives this vase a delicate, charming look, accentuated by its imperfect shape. The asymmetric nature of this vase is further highlighted by the flat, chunky sections, which collectively have the feel of traditional glassware.


    Jane Inverted Gold Beverage Cart



    The perfect accompaniment to happy hour is this ultra-luxury beverage cart. Octagonal mirrored shelves are backed by polished gold legs for a striking look and feel. When in doubt, be bold.


    Gray Althea Round Wall Mirror



    The woven design gives this mirror plenty of bohemian charm and creates a unique silhouette. We think this also works in place of wall art – the striking details and textured finish are a great way to add depth to any interior.


    KONE Silver Round Metal Side Table



    It doesn’t get more special than this! While we love the combination of countertop textures, true design flair can be found in the boldly curved and curved supporting legs. The sleek silver color just adds to the bold visual impact.


    Guess brown glass vase



    Thick, chunky glass gives this vase a distinctly rustic look and feel, accentuated by its warm brown color. A strong, organic silhouette creates a unique look that’s sure to catch the eye, so place it on your console table for optimum attention.


    Selena’s nest for two silver round side tables



    What’s better than a single new table? Two new tables! This practical pair of side tables features a roughly sculpted table top supported by ultra-smooth metal legs. This juxtaposition of raw and smooth is distinguished by the uneven shape of the tables and makes them look incredibly stunning.

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