15 best hotel pillows for a luxurious sleep

    If you’ve ever stayed in an upscale hotel and really enjoyed a good night’s sleep, you’ve probably attributed it to the luxurious linens and pillow of your dreams. And you may not be wrong. Since hotels host sleepers of all types, their beds should be well made and provide a good balance between comfort and support.

    If you are looking to repeat the great sleep you enjoyed at a particular hotel, shopping for a hotel pillow may be the answer. Here’s what makes hotel pillows so special, as well as our picks for the best you can buy.

    There is no definite difference between hotel pillows and regular pillows. However, hotel pillows tend to offer medium stiffness and a loft to accommodate a wide range of sleepers, as well as great durability. Above all, a hotel pillow should give the impression of luxury, which is evidenced by the lavish level of support.

    When compiling our recommendations for the best hotel pillows, we looked for luxury options from reputable manufacturers. We’ve prioritized hypoallergenic pillows with high durability and a perfectly average feel. We’ve also checked for perks like in-home experiences and reasonable return policies. Finally, we looked closely at the reviews to get an idea of ​​what real customers are thinking.

    Pricing guide

    Our guide reflects prices for standard size pillows. Price may vary depending on pillow size.

    • $ = Less than $70
    • $$ = 70–170 USD
    • $$$ = $170 – $270
    • $$$$ = Over $270

    Best hotel down pillow

    Cushion under the canopy

    • price: $$
    • Materials: down, cotton sateen
    • forefront: Choose three intensities
    • Deceive: Higher price point for higher density options

    If luxury is the signature of a hotel pillow, then the Parachute Bottom Pillow fits the bill. The majority of the pillow’s 1,400 reviews put it at 5 stars for its superior comfort and lift.

    It’s available in two sizes and a choice of three densities, but keep in mind that you’ll be paying more for medium and fixed densities.

    One more thing to keep in mind: Returns are accepted within 60 days, but exchanges are not currently available for pillows of different densities.

    Best alternative hotel pillow

    sattva down replacement pillow

    • price: $$
    • Materials: Organic cotton, down alternative fibers
    • forefront: Hypoallergenic, plush feel without sacrificing support
    • Deceive: Higher price point, only clean spot

    The Saatva Alternative Pillow is made of two types of hypoallergenic alternative fibers. One type is designed to create small air pockets for a plush feel, while the spring-like fibers provide support and durability. Everything is wrapped in organic cotton for breathability.

    According to the brand, it perfectly mimics the light, airy feel of a traditional feel. There are only a few reviews, but they all agree that it is incredibly comfortable and of high quality.

    You can see for yourself with the 45 nights Saatva home experience.

    Best feather and fluff hotel pillow

    Four Seasons feather and down pillow

    • price: $$$
    • Material: white fluff, feather, cotton
    • forefront: Down and feather filling provides a luxurious balance between support and comfort
    • Deceive: High price point, dry clean only

    The Four Seasons pillow is the epitome of hotel pillows. It’s made of 25 percent white down and 75 percent feathers, making it a luxuriously comfortable and supportive hypoallergenic blend. In addition, it is OEKO-TEX certified.

    The pillow comes in three sizes and should be dry cleaned only. Four Seasons also recommends a pillow protector. Returns are available if you decide this pillow is not right for you, but only for 30 days and only if your pillow is in “new” condition with its original packaging.

    Best feather hotel pillow

    Down & Feather Company Hotel Collection Feather Pillow

    • price: $$
    • Material: Egyptian cotton goose feathers
    • forefront: Hypoallergenic goose down fill provides more support than underneath
    • Deceive: Just clean the area

    The Down & Feather Company Hotel Collection Down & Feather Company feather pillow is made from the highest quality Hungarian Goose feathers of the highest quality. According to the company, feather pillows sleep more strongly under pressure, which means they provide more support than down pillows of similar density.

    This level of support makes this a great option for side sleepers.

    The pillow is available in three sizes and four densities. And if you have a change of heart, you have a whole year to send it back for an intensity adjustment.

    Best budget friendly hotel pillow

    Brooklinen Marlow . Cushion

    • price: $
    • Material: Polyurethane foam, polyester fiber and cotton
    • forefront: Adjustable hardness for personalization
    • Deceive: Just clean the area

    According to Brooklinen, the Marlow pillow is designed to be the best pillow for most people. It combines what the brand calls cooling-infused memory foam and polyester fibers for a nice balance of durability and loft. But the main feature is the zipper, which means you can control the feel of the cushion.

    Reviewers overwhelmingly praise the pillow, but the only drawback is the zipper color. It’s bright green, and some reviewers say it shows through their pillowcases.

    There is no trial period for Marlow’s pillow, but Brooklinen offers a 365-day return policy if it doesn’t work.

    Best personalized hotel pillow

    Standard Size Pillow Stripe Pillow

    • price: $$
    • Material: Alternate down or down, cotton
    • forefront: Custom-made based on your sleep style, gender, height and age
    • Deceive: can not be returned

    At The Pillow Bar, pillows are made to order, which means you get a custom pillow that fits your sleeping style and body. You can even share personal details about your sleep preferences in the comment box.

    The company’s standard pillow is available with natural fluff or a brushed polyester alternative for a soft, supportive feel, just like a luxury hotel pillow. All pillows come with a removable cotton sateen protector that includes custom embroidery of your choice.

    While the company does not offer refunds, it does have a 30-day change period. If your level of persistence isn’t quite right, The Pillow Bar will make comfort adjustments during that time frame.

    Most classic hotel pillow

    Marriott pillow

    • price: $$
    • Material: down, lyocell, cotton
    • forefront: machine washable
    • Deceive: No trial period or returns

    For a real hotel pillow, a Marriott pillow is worth considering. It’s the perfect hotel pillow, thanks to a soft, supportive filling made of breathable lyocell and down. In addition, it uses a two-chamber design to reduce transportation and assembly. Down-proof cover made of 100% cotton prevents feathers from penetrating.

    Marriott’s hypoallergenic pillow is available in three sizes. Keep in mind that there is no trial period on a Marriott pillow, and returns are only accepted on unused pillows within 30 days of delivery.

    Best silk hotel pillow

    Cozy Earth silk pillow

    • price: $$$$
    • Material: Bamboo viscose, mulberry silk
    • forefront: Ultra-luxurious with great durability
    • Deceive: high price point

    The Cozy Earth Silk Pillow has a medium profile that is incredibly soft and moldable to provide comfort and support in any position. The inner filling is made of 100% mulberry silk and guaranteed against alteration. With a soft viscose cover, the pillow is designed to stay cool and comfortable all night long.

    It’s an expensive pillow, but reviewers rave about its soft, luxurious look and describe it as well worth the investment.

    Cozy Earth offers a 10-year warranty, free shipping and returns, and a 100-night sleep trial.

    The most sustainable hotel pillow

    Brentwood Home Oceano Gel Memory Foam Pillow

    • price: $$
    • Material: Tencel, memory foam gel
    • forefront: Memory Foam Gel Infused For Cooler Sleep,Adjustable Fill
    • Deceive: Just clean the area

    The Oceano Cushion by Brentwood Home is made with eco-friendly materials like BioFoam, a bio-foam made from plant-based materials. The cover is made of Tencel, a soft fiber derived from wood pulp. The pillow complies with Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certifications. It is also vegan and certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

    BioFoam is a cooling gel memory foam, and Oceano pillows come over-stuffed. You can remove the packing to find the right loft and intensity for you.

    Customers praise the pillow for its cooling comfort and support.

    Best hotel pillow for side sleeping

    Soul Organics Underpad

    • price: $$
    • Material: down, cotton
    • forefront: Hypoallergenic and Responsible Sources
    • Deceive: Just clean the area

    Side sleepers need adequate head and neck support to ensure proper spinal alignment, and the Sol Organics Bottom Firming Pillow is a great choice. This luxurious pillow is made with 100 percent Canadian white down and a baffle box construction to reduce clumps.

    The company has a transparent supply chain with fair cotton production and Global Organic Textiles (GOTS) certifications.

    Reviewers call it a great pillow at a great price. Many people who claim to sleep on their side say the pillow is very supportive and comfortable.

    Best hotel pillow for back sleepers

    FluffCo . feather and down pillow

    • price: $$
    • Material: duck down, feathers and cotton
    • forefront: The lower loft is great for back sleepers
    • Deceive: Just clean the area

    FluffCo says they use the same pillow construction in 5-star hotels and resorts. It’s a pillow-in-a-cushion design that combines a layer of soft fluff and a supportive feather core. The softer pillow option uses slightly less filling for a squishy feel without sacrificing support. This means that a low loft is great for back sleepers.

    Over 400 reviews praise the FluffCo pillow for its high quality and comfort.

    Best hotel pillow for stomach sleepers

    The Company Store Hotel Legends Best Down Pillow

    • price: $$
    • Material: down, cotton
    • forefront: Available in three sizes and RDS certified.
    • Deceive: Dry clean only

    This soft and luxurious pillow from The Company Store is designed to cushion your head and neck while you snooze on your stomach, thanks to its low loft and plush European filling.

    It’s packed with RDS and OEKO-TEX certified down-allergens.

    There are over 550 reviews for this pillow, and the vast majority are 5 stars. Customers rave about the pillow’s softness and gentle support.

    plush hotel pillow

    Doxyana Oslo pillow

    • price: $$$$
    • Material: down, cotton
    • forefront: Down is obtained responsibly from geese raised on small farms in Poland
    • Deceive: high price point

    Duxiana Oslo Cushion Made of 900 Polish White Goose Loft. Responsibly sourced from geese raised on small farms in Poland, with routine audits to ensure humane treatment and quality. According to the brand, Poland produces the best goose in the world.

    The Oslo pillow is available in three grades, all of the highest quality for the most enjoyable experience. Comes in standard and king sizes.

    Keep in mind that this premium pillow is very expensive and returns are not available.

    Best rated hotel pillow

    Bed pillows from Beckham Hotel Group

    • price: $
    • Material: Cotton, an alternative to feathers
    • forefront: Price includes two pillows, OEKO-TEX certified
    • Deceive: Some reviewers have had negative experiences with washing machine

    These Beckham Hotel Collection pillows have over 182,000 reviews and an overall 4.4 star rating. It’s designed for softness and support with a medium loft.

    Replacement underpads come as a set and are available in two sizes. It is also OEKO-TEX certified.

    Depending on the brand, the pillows are machine washable. But some reviewers found that drying their pillows took a lot longer than they expected.

    Best hotel pillow set

    Standard Fabric Room Down Pillow Set of 2

    • price: $$
    • Material: Cotton, polyester and feather
    • forefront: Price includes two RDS and OEKO-TEX certified pillows
    • Deceive: Some reviewers found the pillows to be too flat

    Standard Textile Chamber Down pillows can be found in upscale hotels around the world. They have a three-chamber design that combines outer layers of polyester and a sterile feather core. The result is a hypoallergenic pillow that is extremely soft and comfortable with plenty of support.

    The best part? These pillows come in a set of two and are machine washable for easy care.

    Reviewers praise the airy softness and high quality of these pillows, although some found that they flattened a lot during the night.