5 eco-friendly homes that don’t harm architectural design

Nearly 400 entries were judged by a peer review panel of award-winning builders, renovators, and designers.

As the world moves to more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as gas-powered cars to electric cars, home builders and designers are finding innovative ways to make a luxury home more eco-friendly.

Because in this day and age, we can all have beautiful things that do no more harm to the planet.

The Vancouver Home Building Association (HAVAN) Awards recently announced their 2022 winners, showcasing builders and developers at the forefront of sustainable building. the 13The tenth Annual Awards Ceremony 33 builders and designers were honored with 61 Havan Awards.

Winners prove their innovative designs by maximizing mountain views or creating elegant interiors.

Here are five homes that adhere to environmental and energy standards, without compromising architectural designs.

Go net zero in white rock

Winner of the 2022 HAVAN Award for “Best Energy Rated Home: Custom”. Vancouver Home Builders Association / Contribute

This luxury home built by Naikoon Contracting Ltd. With Capital Home Energy Inc. It is located on a high waterfront with a stunning line of sight. Not only does it create an elegant separation between public and private spaces, it also achieves the highest environmental and energy standards.

The architectural masterpiece includes handcrafted metal balustrades, stonework and a zinc roof. Not only is the roof structure made of hybrid steel and Douglas fir wood that provides maximum energy efficiency, the home comes with six Tesla power wall batteries for backup power that can power the home for several days. In addition, the floors have geothermal heating, which allows for minimal heating and cooling of the air.

The house also comes with real-time energy tracking, but the real theft is the bee turf and hives, which have been loaned from beekeepers.

Small but great house in Vancouver

Winner 2022 Havan for “Best Small Scale New Home”. Vancouver Home Builders Association / Contribute

This home, constructed by Llano Developments, exemplifies contemporary architectural design with durability.

Not only does this home have a fully gated and dog-friendly patio, it also has a parking space with an EV charging station.

One of the exterior walls may not have windows, but the blue and black mural by local Vancouver artist Juan Pablo Zamudio Cázares makes a stunning artistic statement that passersby won’t stop admiring.

The roof of the building is of natural wood, made from remnants of wood from previous renovations. Talk about bringing back the eco-friendly goal!

Deep Energy Squamish Retrofit

Deep Energy Retrofit Squamish - Squamish
Winner of the 2022 HAVAN Award for “Best Renovation: Over $1 Million”, and “Best Energy Rated Home: Completely Home Renovation”. Vancouver Home Builders Association / Contribute

What’s better than a beautifully renovated home?

One that is energy efficient and comes close to net zero emissions. Backyard terraces with retaining walls of rock – locally sourced materials.

This renovated home features a stunning view of the mountains to impress family and friends while enjoying quality time in the outdoor multi-terraced lounge space.

A great feature for homeowners who want lush lawn lawns is the automated irrigation system, which is drought-resistant.

Very special Vancouver special

Very special
2022 Havan Winner for “Best Renovation: $700,000 – $1 Million.” Vancouver Home Builders Association / Contribute

There is nothing worse than a house with a lot of walls, poor lighting and ineffective heating.

That’s why designer AK Design renovated this home with modern West Coast aesthetics, complete with white oak designer hardwood and super white marble countertops.

By removing walls, swapping out the kitchen and dining rooms, and adding arched wooden pocket doors, the home now has ample lighting and space for a young family to live comfortably in. The new addition of a highly efficient boiler provides underfloor heating – ideal for cold winters.

Past, present and future under one roof in Vancouver

past - present - future - scaling
Winner 2022 Havan for “BC Housing Award for Excellence in Innovative Housing”. Vancouver Home Builders Association / Contribute

Sometimes, innovative housing means people Can Get it all.

While the structures may look like a two-unit home, they are actually three units: a 5,500-square-foot plot, a wagon building on top of it, and a 1927 residence.

Alleylane Homes renovated this old home into a modern, eco-friendly home without removing much of the original stucco. They reconfigured a narrow bedroom into an open hall, installed larger windows to open the rooms, and created a unique storage space under the vaulted ceiling.

Not only are all three net-zero units ready, but they also have excellent indoor air quality systems.