5 interior design tips for a springtime feel in your home | Featured

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After spending several months in the cold, dark winter where you may have had a bad case of cabin fever, you are probably looking for interesting ways to beautify your home. Now that we’re back to some semblance of normalcy after years of pandemic lockdown, it’s great to be able to mingle with friends and family at home.

If you’re ready to add zest to your home, it might be a good idea to start by including some of the season’s hottest emerging trends. This is especially important if you plan to sell your home this spring. So here are some tips on adding cheerful spring compliments to your decor.

Back to the concept of open life

Before the pandemic, the open concept was dominant. However, when the lockdowns started, there seemed to be a trend towards the concept of closed living. Perhaps this was to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Or, since the house was more occupied during the day than ever before, people preferred more privacy to complete their work. But what we’re seeing now is a re-emergence of the ever-popular open concept floor plan. So when you make your home feel like spring, it’s a good idea to create a light and airy feel by creating an open floor plan. And if you already have an open concept, doing more to create flexibility between each space would be a great way to bring a sense of spring to your space.

Consider space for renewal

The pandemic has not only changed the “land situation” in our homes, but it has also limited our ability to frequent spas, massage parlors, and other places outside the home that give us the refreshing experiences we need. Since we don’t seem to be in the clear, it might be a good idea to incorporate your own customized indoor oasis to help you take care of yourself. For example, you can make every effort and completely renovate your bathroom with luxurious shower spaces and soft lighting. Or you can keep it simple by adding candles, aromatherapy products, plush towels, and a shower jet to turn your bathtub into the ultimate makeshift Jacuzzi.

Bring the outside, the inside

Another way to enjoy spring is to bring in outdoor elements to create a seamless flow. The easiest way to do this is to bring in greenery, including beautiful and easy-to-maintain houseplants. A wall of greenery will make you feel like you’re outdoors, minus bug bites and bites.

revolve around ourselves

If you haven’t noticed, the curves are there. And I’m not referring to the fashion trend either. But you may be able to thank the fashion industry for making trendy curves in home décor. Many contemporary spaces are starting to see more curved pieces of furniture. Although straight lines dominated décor in the past, this season it’s trending toward arcs and curves. These shapes are not only inspired by the female figure but also round elements from nature. The transition from the dominant straight lines to the sinuous ones provides a harmonious balance in the interior. And it looks like this trend will remain, at least for a while.

Create the perfect space for outdoor entertaining

After the pandemic, outdoor recreation is more desirable than ever. As a result, homeowners expand their homes directly into the yard. Not only many add great seating and decorative paths. Instead, they add an ideal space for entertaining. Nowadays, you may find televisions, bars, kitchens, pizza ovens, and more to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. And if you need to sell your home quickly, an attractive backyard could be the way to attract more buyers.


Spring is a time for renewal. It is also a time when we all resume many outdoor activities. So, if you want your home to feel alive, these are just some of the new ways to bring a sense of spring inside.