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    Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has announced that it will host the first-ever ENGAGE Summit in Los Angeles, California from June 5-7 at the Fairmont Century Plaza. The company says hundreds of Coldwell Banker’s luxury real estate professionals from eight countries and 28 states will attend, representing more than $12 billion in total sales.

    Luxury agents attending ENGAGE will have the opportunity to join 15 breakout sessions led by leaders in real estate, design, marketing and social media, according to a statement. The sessions will give luxury professionals the opportunity to gain industry knowledge about their content curation and strategy to drive their business, as well as build their referrals and encourage network growth with other leaders from multiple luxury markets around the world, the company said.

    Highlights of the session will include:

    • Boost referrals: Luxury leaders Tracy Allen, Tim Smith, Francois Carrier and Jill Roberts highlighted best practices for building a strong network to drive referrals.
    • Social media in the luxury space: Voted in the Top 100 Real Estate Influencers, Danielle Garofalo explains how to leverage social media to win listings, monetize social media, and protect the privacy of discerning clients.
    • Globalization of your business: Interview with President and CEO of Coldwell Banker France and Monaco, Laurent Demaure, on how to engage with international clients and transform the client base from national to global.
    • Creative and Luxurious: Rob Siltanen, CEO and CEO of Siltanen & Partners, a Los Angeles-based advertising agency, will share expert insights on how great branding, creativity, and design can have a positive impact when working with any client.

    During the event, attendees will hear from Coldwell Banker leaders including CEO M Ryan Gorman, President and Chief Operating Officer Liz Geringer, Executive Vice President Operations Tim Foley, Chief Marketing Officer David Marin and Vice President Global Luxury Michael Altney on how to leverage the company’s stated tools and services. and advice from the Coldwell Banker brand to stand out in the exclusive and competitive world of luxury real estate.

    To close the ENGAGE program, Caldwell Banker adds that industry icons Jade Mills, Jill Hertzberg, Carrie Wells and Tim Allen will participate in a panel called “Strong Engagement” to discuss how dealerships deal with inventory challenges and ways to dominate the luxury market.

    David Marin said: “ENGAGE provides a comprehensive experience for Coldwell Banker’s luxury real estate professionals who work with some of the most discerning clients around the world, providing them with the resources to enhance their brand through digital marketing, social media and online advertising. CMO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate The Coldwell Banker Network is always there to assist its agents and allows them to continuously reach and interact with customers, even when they are not looking to buy or sell a home.

    “The ENGAGE Summit is Coldwell Banker Global Luxury’s premiere event, bringing together luxury real estate professionals from around the world to build and strengthen relationships across our network, while also enabling our agents to learn from some of the best performing companies in the industry,” said Michael. Altneu, Vice President of Global Luxury, Caldwell Banker Real Estate. “ENGAGE will highlight the extraordinary paradigm shift that has occurred in luxury real estate since 2020 and provide our agents with the practices and resources needed to successfully navigate this current market environment.”

    Luxury is no longer concentrated only in the big cities; Jade Mills, President of Jade Mills Estates and International Ambassador for Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, added, “It is all over the place and all about providing the best possible service to buyer and seller.” With the increasing demand for luxury homes, it is critical that our luxury professionals are aware of what impacts on luxury consumers today. ENGAGE will highlight the tools and exclusive services available to Coldwell Banker agents that allow us to support our customers anywhere in the world and deliver unique experiences consistently. “

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