Amazon Deal Of The Day: 8 Bath Accessories Over 50% Off

    When we think about decorating and organizing our homes, we usually take the bathroom for granted. But, this is a room that needs to be taken seriously and that’s why. Other than our bed, the bathroom is where we start and end each day. Oftentimes, what happens in the bathroom will set the tone for what will happen the rest of the day. For many creative people, the best ideas come in the shower. It’s that sacred space where you too can rehearse for that great presentation or job interview. Here we have a list of the best bathroom accessories available at great prices in today’s Amazon deal.

    8 bathroom accessories that elevate the look of your bathroom:

    Scroll down and have a look at these bathroom accessories that not only have a lot of utility, but will also enhance the look of your bathroom.

    1. Folding towel rack

    This stainless steel towel rack is heavy, superior and more durable than any foldable towel rack. It has a nickel-chrome finish that is engineered to resist everyday scratches and avoid leaving fingerprints. Made of high quality stainless steel, it ensures quality and longevity. The top shelf holds toiletries and bathroom products while 4 adjustable hooks hang your robe and towels. Features a rotating towel bar and 4 adjustable towel hook designs. It’s space-saving and keeps towels clean, but also goes with any decor style.

    bathroom accessories 1.jpg

    Price: 5149 rupees

    Deal: 1,799 rupees

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    2. Antique soap dish

    Add a vintage and antique touch to your bathroom with this soap dish. Designed with bronze and aluminum material, it has the advantages of environmental protection, durability and easy cleaning. Provides convenience and space saving, maximizes your soap storage. It will also beautify the look of your bathroom. This soap dish holder package includes suitable materials and a tube of strong adhesive glue. This product can be installed with screws as well as with drill-free adhesive glue, both provided with the product.

    bathroom accessories 2.jpg

    Price: 2499 rupees

    Deal: Rs 854

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    3. Hand washing soap dispenser

    This soap dispenser pump is made of high quality ABS plastic material. It can be used at your convenience as it serves multiple purposes. It can be used as a hand wash dispenser, lotion dispenser, and shampoo dispenser. Metal liquid soap dispenser machines usually spoil the stock liquid but this hand wash plastic soap dispenser is completely safe, clean and convenient. It features a box-fit locking mechanism and can simply be refilled when needed. The closed body of this hand wash dispenser prevents foreign particles from entering, and you will always get untouched drops of stored liquid.

    bathroom accessories 3.jpg

    Price: INR 1349

    Deal: 521 rupees

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    4. Double Layer Bathroom Shelf

    These floating shelves are made of high quality stainless steel, practical design of shelves with protective guards and towel holders. It is heavy duty with bearing capacity. In the kitchen, this practical bathroom shelf can be used to put spice bottles, and the towel holder can be used to hang towels or kitchen hooks to hang kitchen utensils. In the bathroom, you can use it to place toiletries on storage shelves, such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and hang towels below. This double tier shelf is great to take advantage of different spaces, you can use the storage shelves to arrange your bathroom easily. It’s also great for organizing toiletries, hair and makeup supplies, bathroom accessories and more.

    bathroom accessories 4.jpg

    Price: INR 3999

    Deal: 1,165 rupees

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    5. Anti-slip microfiber bathroom rugs

    Made of 100 percent high-quality polyester yarn, these bath mats will add extra softness and comfort. Made of fine yarn, it has excellent water absorption and dries faster. These mats will protect your feet from the cold of the floor after a shower, whether it’s in the bathroom or inside the living room. The anti-slip latex rubber backing feature keeps the runner in place even when wet.

    bathroom accessories 5.jpg

    Price: 749 rupees

    Deal: 284 rupees

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    6. Clear glass shelf

    This glass shelf is made of durable 8mm clear glass and its clamps and railing are made of heavy-duty brass that is scratch and rust resistant. It can be easily installed in the corners of the kitchen, bathroom and living room. This is an overall special, modern and elegant design in a minimalist and modern Scandinavian style. It can save the bathroom/kitchen/living room space to the maximum, making small and necessary things well organized and orderly stored creating a comfortable space. This package includes 3pcs Glass Corner Shelf and suitable wall mount material to store more soaps, toiletries, shampoos/perfume bottles, Wi-Fi networks/routers and decoders depending on their applicability.

    bathroom accessories 6.jpg

    Price: 2,298 rupees

    Deal: 999 rupees

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    7. Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

    This gorgeous mirrored cabinet with ample storage capacity will keep your bathroom essentials complete and well organized. The five spacious compartments inside provide ample space so that you can store all your personal care products. This cabinet will make your bathroom complete and well organized. It has five compartments and an in-door brush holder that allows you to store all your bathroom essentials in one place. It has a very attractive design that perfectly matches the interior of your bathroom.

    bathroom accessories 7.jpg

    Price: 5000 rupees

    Deal: 1612 rupees

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    8. Round Corner Plastic Bathroom Rack

    This self-adhesive wall shelf will help you organize clutter to make your bathroom, kitchen and dressing room clean and tidy. It can be wall mounted on smooth and polished surface such as ceramic tile, glass and mirror. This package contains 2pcs plastic corner bathroom shelves, 2 soap caddies and 4 self-adhesive hooks. It is very easy to hang on the wall with our self adhesive and peel off wall sticker hooks. No drilling and no screws required.

    bathroom accessories 8. jpg

    Price: 1699 rupees

    Deal: 399 rupees

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    Your bathroom’s aesthetics can set the tone for the rest of your home. Finally, the bathroom provides that temporary space of solitude as well as a great place to unwind from the stress of the day. Thus, it is essential that your bathroom looks fresh. So grab these available at great discounted prices on an Amazon deal before it’s too late!

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