Avas Wellness, the leader in the luxury home segment in Alibaugh

    The tranquility of Alibaugh and the quick commute of the town made the coastal village the ideal choice for Avas Wellness to establish its boutique operations.

    Being the preferred destination in India, one can expect new state-of-the-art hospitals, international schools, Trans Harbor Link, a large number of restaurants and entertainment areas to be launched, additional Ro-Pax ships and water taxi services in the 2-years. 3 upcoming which will raise prices in the area with an estimated capital appreciation for a plot of land from Avas up to 50% more than it stands today.

    Pool view, Avas Living It’s only a matter of time for Alibaugh, especially Awas and the surrounding neighborhood – a charming land of some of the country’s top industrialists – to catch up and possibly overtake some of the usual second home options like Goa and Khandala where property prices double and more than Alibaugh’s . “I have watched Alibaugh transform over the years and am a firm believer that this is the next big market. Alibaugh has it all – the peace and quiet you want, the Mumbai office connectivity you need and a vibrant resident community.

    With all the infrastructure upgrades in the pipeline, says Aditya Kelashand, CEO and founder of Avas Wellness. Avas Wellness has a first-mover advantage in providing a turnkey solution for luxury homes of the highest standard that includes a fully furnished home, landscaping and built-in plumbing technology for generations to enjoy. By setting high standards for luxury projects, Avas Wellness aspires to go beyond what any other development project is currently doing in the country. With a strong focus on unique physical significance, perfect finishes, upscale furnishings and accessories, and sustainable landscaping, Avas Wellness defines a new segment by changing the status quo of what is currently in the region.

    Gaurav Kapoor, a major investor in the project who hails from the prominent Yes Bank family says, “The need for a second home away from the city is growing exponentially. Avas Wellness bridges the gap of need by offering a luxury living space that combines the best of both worlds – technology and architecture. Infrastructure.” Avas is designed to enhance individual well-being and connection with nature.

    The company has two divisions – Avas Living and Avas Bespoke. Avas Living is a boutique gated community with a limited number of villas centered on a health and spa center. Nearly 40% of the project has already been sold out with enthusiastic clients waiting for the wellness and spa centre, operated by Leela Group, Amroda Nair and its growing new venture, Araiya, next year. Rita Kapoor, one of Avas Living’s early clients, said, “Avas Living is a great concept. What drew me to it was the like-minded community and focus on holistic luxury.

    The true gem of the Resistance is the wellness center and spa. Avas Bespoke is for clients who desire one or more acres of land with more living space and offers personalized services straight from the selection of plot size according to villa requirements, rooms, landscape style, pool shape and more – the villa is designed with the owner every step of the way to reflect The basic Avas design language.

    An NRI tech investor, who prefers to remain anonymous, comments on his recent investment, “I can’t wait to live in my new home. It was a seamless experience to customize exactly what I wanted – a game room I’ve always dreamed of and a Zen garden.”

    The bespoke villas are located close to the Avas community to take advantage of the amenities and spa, but are private enough for the owners to retreat to the tranquility of their own space. Bespoke has been so successful that actor Ram Kapoor took over their master villa, the extended 4-bedroom Mokshaa in Avas earlier this year, and the recent news of Axis Bank and MD CEO Amitabh Chaudhry building his home with Avas Bespoke Which set benchmarks in pricing as well as design aesthetics and specifications.

    The villas last 18 months, which translates to a full house ready to move in just in time for the holiday season in 2023 if one completes their purchase today.

    Designed by world-renowned architecture firm SAOTA, each expansive villa follows Biophile’s design philosophy to align with the natural circadian rhythm and lead a better life. Chief Creative Officer Susan Khan follows the language of Avas with buzzwords like California Konkan or Califrashtra that blend coastal charm with California bohemian elegance to imbue villas with comfortable luxury.

    While land and property in Alibaugh may look like a bubble fueled by the WFH pandemic, records show a 100% increase in rates in the past five years and there is scope for prices to increase dramatically in the next five years as there is still unmet demand from people who want a home Second in nature to escape the stress of the city yet close to the city for them to be able to navigate. With improvements in infrastructure, a vibrant growing community of residents, and an exploding food and restaurant scene, Alibaugh is becoming more and more attractive to buyers.