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    Fireplace TV Stands Buying Guide

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    Why buy a fireplace TV stand?

    TV stands are a great way to prop up and raise your TV to eye level for viewing and gaming purposes. Many TV stands also provide additional cabinet and/or drawer storage space for game systems, movie sets, and other related media items. TV stands also provide a decorative function as they come in many different shapes and colors and can therefore match the rest of the furniture and home décor.

    This fireplace TV stand serves all these purposes with the advantage of having a built-in electric fireplace. The flames in a fireplace TV stand may not be real, but they still emit heat when turned on. They can help heat the room without turning on the central heating in the house or apartment, which can reduce your monthly heating costs. You can also enjoy the gentle and soothing look of glowing flames without worrying about burns from a real fire, running out of wood, or the smell of burning gas filling your home. Some models allow you to turn off the heat while keeping the electric flame “lit,” so you can still enjoy its gentle glow without the extra warmth if it isn’t cold.

    What should you look for in fireplace TV mounts?

    • measuring: A new TV stand won’t do you much good if it’s too small to support your TV, doesn’t fit in your living space, or is too tall or short for you to feel comfortable watching TV or playing video games. Ideally, the stand should be at least 2 or 3 inches wider than your TV. You may need more space if you have a speaker, lamp, or other decorations that you want to put on the stand. Some mounts will mention the perfect TV size compatibility in their menus, which will make your task easier.
    • Careers: There are quite a few useful features that you should pay attention to. Keep in mind how much additional storage space you provide, if any. The actual electric heating element can be either forced fan or infrared based, with infrared providing a wider heating range for both. With some models, you can adjust the intensity of the heat, the “flame” brightness, or turn off the heat completely while still enjoying the look of the flame. Others can remember your favorite settings, have a thermostat to keep track of the exact temperature, or come with a remote control so you can adjust heat and brightness settings from across the room. The model with a built-in timer is very useful for ensuring that the heat does not run all night, if you forget to turn it off.
    • style: Many will come in a rustic wood decor style, but there are also plenty of sleeker, more modern ones. They can be matte, glossy, stained, come in woody or metallic colors, or painted in bolder and brighter shades. Most will be square or rectangular in shape, but there are plenty of models for corners available as well. The fireplace interior can have various decorative accents as well. Basically, no matter what decor style you’ve chosen for your home, you shouldn’t have problems finding a fireplace TV stand that complements the rest of the room and living space.

    Are there any safety considerations for heater TV units?

    Although fireplace TV mounts don’t use real fire, you want to make sure there aren’t any flammable materials within several feet of them. Be sure to check the stand’s weight limit, especially if you have a larger TV; Most will be able to hold about 200 pounds or so, but not all of them are very durable, and you don’t want to overload. If your fireplace TV stand doesn’t have a built-in timer or automatic shutdown feature, make it a habit to double-check that you’ve turned it off when you’re done using it. You may even want to unplug the heater every night before bed, just to be safe. If the rack happens to have an exhaust port or an air intake – and that’s not all – make sure that this area is not clogged or covered. Keeping a fire extinguisher handy isn’t the worst idea if you really want to be on the safe side, but you probably won’t need to.

    Our picks for the best heated TV stands

    First choice

    Positives: Not only will this TV stand match a variety of décor styles, but it’s also available in 15 different color options, so you’ll have no trouble finding the shade that perfectly matches your living room or living room. It’s also available in several different size options to better fit your space and TV. You can even buy it with a matching coffee table or accent table if you want to be sure that your living room or living room furniture perfectly complements each other. There are four holes in the back, one in each compartment, for cable wires to pass through in a more organized way, and the two internal shelves are adjustable and even removable.

    Negatives: This stand cannot support TVs over 65 lbs, with a top surface weight capacity of 150 lbs and 30 lbs per cubby shelves. Putting them together will require some assembly, and you may need to provide some wood glue to complete it. MDF is heavy and, while reasonably durable, is scratched or damaged more easily than regular hardwood. There are no doors or windows for the cabins.

    minimum: Classically designed Fireplace TV Stand with Four Large Compartment Slots will never go out of style, and with so many color options, it will match any decor or aesthetic. If you want a TV stand with a fireplace that provides extra storage and display, this is a great option, as smaller rooms have enough space for cable boxes, consoles, games, and more.

    Best elegant farm

    Positives: Farmhouse-style décor offers the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, and this fireplace TV stand is designed to fit that aesthetic perfectly. But unlike a lot of pieces of furniture and interior décor, they are not priced at absolute prices; The cost is as low as what you’ll find in a fireplace TV stand. The heat can be adjusted thanks to the built-in LED display panel, but the heats can be turned off together to enjoy the ambiance of a flame without the extra warmth. Built-in cable management slots along the back allow wires to pass through for a more direct connection as well as being hidden from view. This stand allows you to display decorative items in the two upper compartments or hide the AV system and shelves as desired behind double barn-style doors in the side compartments. Either way, there is plenty of storage space available.

    Negatives: As beautiful as the rustic style of this TV stand, it’s not the right choice for every home. It’s also only available in two different sizes (48 and 58 inches), so it’s more limited in this area, especially if you own a larger TV. And there is no remote control for the different heat settings; You will have to adjust it manually on the display panel.

    minimum: Farmhouse interior decoration is very popular at the moment. If your living room or living room is designed in this style, this TV stand will suit rustic style, patio and almost any other vintage aesthetics.

    Best corner platform

    Positives: Corner TV mounts are known to be more space-efficient than standard rectangular ones, and this model throws an electric stovetop into that convenience. It provides a nice raised stand for your TV while taking up less floor space, and is invaluable in smaller rooms or apartments. Not only that, but it’s on the durable side of a wood-particle model and has a laminated finish to prevent scratching and damage to MDF. The height of the three shelves on either side of the stove can be adjusted to better fit the items or decorations you wish to store and display inside, and the stand as a whole is available in 10 colors.

    Negatives: Unfortunately, this fireplace TV stand does not have any adjustable heat settings to increase or decrease the amount of warmth it emits, and is only capable of heating entire small rooms (400 square feet or less in size). And while it has some side and top shelves, the storage and shelving space is generally less than what many models offer.

    minimum: Depending on the design of your living room, bedroom, or dorm room, a corner TV stand might be the best option, either because of the angle, the available room space, or the way your bed, sofa, or chairs face. This space-efficient model offers you a corner TV stand with an additional electric fireplace to heat rooms and small apartments on cold days.

    Best rustic design

    Positives: If you want to decorate your home in a welcoming and warm style, this rustic-looking fireplace TV stand will perfectly suit your aesthetic. With the ultra-realistic texture, you will be surprised that this model is not made of real wood. Its appearance is not the only factor that sets this TV stand apart. The electric stove is equipped with multiple heat and light settings to adjust the temperature and ambiance to your liking. These settings can be controlled both from the panel on the stand itself or via the remote control. The required remote control and batteries are included with the purchase, making this already low-priced TV an even better value.

    Negatives: With only two sizes and four colors available, your options are even more limited with this fireplace TV stand. And it has a smaller thermal range, it can only heat entire rooms of 400 square feet or smaller. Also note that assembly is clearly a two-person job; You will not be able to assemble it yourself.

    minimum: Fireplaces are the epitome of comfort, and the weathered, rustic look of this fireplace TV stand will only heighten the cozy, homey ambiance available. And it’ll match a good range of décor styles in the process, from cabin to classic to classic and more.

    Best modern design

    Positives: Sharp, elegant and modern, it won’t take long to realize that this fireplace TV stand lives up to its premium brand. Not only is it very spacious enough to support larger modern TVs up to 79 inches in size, but it offers a greater range of adjustability, control and customization than many other fireplace TV mounts. This model features 16 different flame color options to suit a wider range of atmospheres. The fake flame is dimmable without affecting the amount of heat it emits, and it has a timer, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the heat before bed or if you’re sleeping on the couch. It comes with a remote control, so you can customize the stove without leaving your seat.

    Negatives: This premium product has an excellent price tag to match. If your TV is not very tall, you will either need a different stand or mount it on the wall above it. It also does not offer smaller or larger options, and the color options are somewhat limited.

    minimum: Offering greater control and customization than many other models, this fireplace TV stand would look right at home among your furniture and other belongings if your living space has a more modern, modern or minimalist design.

    last thoughts

    This fireplace TV stand is a great way to add more decor and warmth to your living room, bedroom or dorm room. These comfortable and stylish options may just be just what your home needs.