Blac Chyna takes on fitness model for celebrity boxing match after losing $100 million in lawsuit with the Kardashians

    BLAC Chyna is set to take on a fitness model in a celebrity boxing match after losing a $100 million lawsuit in favor of the Kardashian family.

    The reality star, 34, will be facing Instagram fitness model Alysia Magen, it was announced at a heated press conference this week.

    Blac Chyna will participate in a celebrity boxing match


    Blac Chyna will participate in a celebrity boxing matchcredit: Getty
    Chyna faces rival Alicia Magen


    Chyna faces rival Alicia MagenCredit: Getty Images – Getty

    It comes after she lost a defamation lawsuit against the reality TV family – and also faced allegations of assault following last week’s incident.

    During the showdown in Doral, Florida, Alicia shot Chyna, who responded, “That was nice, but I hope you have fast feet.”

    Other fights on the card include Love’s Cisco Rosado and Hip Hop who will face Jennifer “JLo” Lopez’s ex-husband Ojani Noa.

    “You have a lot of egos, excitement, and attitudes that happen during a confrontation,” said creator Damon Feldman.

    Blac Chyna claims that a court employee
    Chyna celebrates her birthday in sweat after losing the court war to the Kardashians

    He continued, “Everyone loves a train wreck and a Cinderella moment.

    “Like a train wreck, people can’t look away and therefore like to celebrate a win.

    Damon added, “People laughed [Celebrity Boxing] Years ago but now we have a lot of celebrities lining up to participate because it’s good entertainment and what our critics don’t understand, is that a lot of opportunity can stem from this for talent.

    “Those few minutes in the ring may give celebrities the confidence to move forward in other parts of their lives, or to have a new gig or endorsement that could change their lives, we’re dancing with sports stars.”

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    The fight will take place on June 11 and Chyna will fight to raise money for animal charities.

    hard loss

    This comes after Chyna lost her legal battle with the Kardashian family after a two-week trial.

    She has sued Hulu stars for defamation and alleged interference with E! Held in a big lawsuit.

    The jury reached a verdict in favor of the Kardashians, dismissing Chyna’s allegations that the stars ruined her reality TV career.

    The model claimed that the family conspired to get her E! Rob & Chyna was canceled after one season in 2017.

    She starred in the short-lived series with her ex-husband, Rob Kardashian, the father of her 6-year-old daughter Dream.

    However, the judge ruled that no compensation would be awarded to the social worker.

    Despite not having to pay damages, the jury concluded that the Kardashians had not acted “reasonably and in good faith to protect their economic interests.”

    China mess

    After the trial, Chyna allegedly had a physical altercation with a friend at a bar, according to the Daily Mail.

    Chyna’s alleged victim Sequoia King, who has been friends with the reality star for nearly a year, was partying with her in the early hours of Friday morning at the time of the alleged assault.

    Chyna is reportedly being investigated over the battery after the accident.

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    Chyna later claimed that she was “reborn” after being christened on her birthday.

    She shared a video of the Christian Renaissance on Instagram.

    The battle will take place next month


    The battle will take place next monthCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Chyna with celebrity boxing founder Damon Feldman


    Chyna with celebrity boxing founder Damon FeldmanCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    This comes after Chyna lost a $100 million lawsuit against the Kardashian family


    This comes after Chyna lost a $100 million lawsuit against the Kardashian familycredit: Getty

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