Bob Hope’s Longtime home with its own mini golf course for sale

    With global fame and fortune, Bob Hope He was able to choose any house that met his imagination. His longtime home with a mini golf course in Los Angeles Lake Toluca The neighborhood is on sale and featured this week at

    Pompano Beach, Florida.And May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – “Bob Hope Estate With His Own Mini-Golf Course”

    Bob Hope He was not only the penultimate artist, but also a passionate golfer. He loved golf so much that in one of his famous quotes, he said, “Golf is my true profession. Entertainment is just a sideline. I tell jokes to pay my playing fees.” What was Hope’s full time home? Lake Toluca It has a one-hole golf course, designed by Hope himself, with two positions on the tee. This house is now on the market in $29 million.

    born in London In 1903 with a big name, Leslie Towns HopeAt the age of four, he immigrated to the United States with his parents. His distinctive look with a ski jumper’s well-known nose came from reconstructive surgery after he crushed his face with a falling tree while helping his brother cut trees. At the age of twenty, he was on his career path starting with the radio with his one-on-one and quick jokes, mostly self-deprecating ones, it wasn’t long before he was on his way to Hollywood. Hope was the complete package that Hollywood Demanded back in the day. The stars were expected, and trained, to sing, dance, and act by the studios. Hope has arrived Hollywood With one more thing that sets it apart: a rare timing ability to deliver comedy.

    With the growing fame and fortune that followed, Hope was able to choose which home would meet his luxury, from his UFO vacation home in Palm Springs To his permanent home with a mini golf course in Los Angeles Lake Toluca Neighborhood. Hope and his wife, Dolores, built the house in 1939 as a traditional English home, and they made it more contemporary in 1950. It sits on five acres of beautifully landscaped evergreens, rose gardens, and a one-hole golf course with sandpit and driving. Greens, the 14,848-square-foot home includes eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, an indoor pool, spa, pool room, bar, and chef’s kitchen. There is also a guest house, staff residences, staff offices and a large outdoor pool. The private basic suite suite has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, dressing rooms and a shared office. There is a home theater, gym with steam and infrared sauna, garage for four cars, car court, comprehensive security system, security desk, and three electric entrances. The additional structure contains a tennis suite, a commercial kitchen, a security office, a meeting room, and a fireproof safe. Over the years, the house has hosted a number of presidents and a large number of celebrities.

    Bob Hope Died in 2003. His home has long been in Lake Toluca for sale in $29 million. Kevin Dess agency in Beverly Hills List holds.

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