Boxi and Rejuvenation are preparing a new partnership for the kitchen

    Consumer-oriented cabinetry company Boxi has reached out to a new retail partner: Rejuvenation, a specialty furnishing and lighting brand that is part of the Williams-Sonoma family of nameplates, which will be rolling out in stores and online software to offer cabinets to its customers.

    For both companies, this is a big step in new partnerships that will help both of them expand their businesses. Boxi is on the floor at four Rejuvenation stores starting this month, including the company’s flagship location in Portland, Oregon, where the retailer was founded. Shoppers can order their own kitchen cabinets, choosing from eight standard designs, all of which will use refurbishment hardware. Boxi products will also be available online through the Rejuvenation website.

    With 10 retail stores, Rejuvenation is the smallest retail brand in the Williams-Sonoma Group. Its partnership with Boxi is one of several initiatives with third parties – the company already sells Sherwin-Williams paint and provides landscape design assistance through Yardzen. Next month, it’s launching a partnership with Pratt + Larson, a Portland neighbor that specializes in handcrafted ceramic tiles for the home.

    Meanwhile, Boxi sells safes in 14 western states – largely a supply chain logistics factor – with plans to eventually expand across more countries. Its parent company, Semihandmade, is built on the back – well, the front was – of Ikea kitchen cabinets, which specializes in stylish cabinet fronts for the brand’s big-box modular systems. Founder and Chairman of the Executive Board John MacDonald Boxi launched in 2021 to sell complete cabinets using a direct-to-consumer model; This renovation deal marks its first entry into physical stores.

    “This is a great way to give us visibility and tell people that Boxi is a brand,” says MacDonald. work from home, who explained that the direct model follows similar efforts by direct sellers to consumers in other sectors, such as mattresses and furniture. “The biggest surprise is how many people are going to spend so much money — almost invisible — on the strength of a 4-inch by 6-inch door sample,” he says. People first started buying box mattresses, then they bought $3000 worth of sofas, and then they bought homes online. And so the kitchens, while a small purchase, are right there.”

    For Rejuvenation, which started as a lighting retailer and has expanded to a wide range of furniture and home décor since its purchase by Williams-Sonoma in 2011, the Boxi hookup is a natural fit.

    “Boxi has truly resonated as a great partner to expand and renovate our kitchen and bathroom offerings,” he said. Tracy WiresBrand Marketing Manager. “Rejuvenation is committed to high-quality craftsmanship and creating timeless designs for every home improvement project, and Boxi is a leader in consumer-facing closet systems. Their products are made in America and built to last.”

    In addition to the flagship product in Portland, Boxi products are shown in Rejuvenation stores in Houston, Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California. “Boxi’s kitchen’s mini-posters are prominently featured, and incorporated into our core categories—her cabinets feature our solid brass hardware and are located next to customizable, assembled lighting in Portland,” says Wires. Boxi cabinets will be featured in the next Rejuvenation catalog, and the retailer will offer educational content from Boxi, from how to choose cabinet colors, finishes and silhouettes to choosing hardware, on a landing page on the Rejuvenation website. “We want to be a complete resource for our customers, whether they’re starting a simple update or a complete remodel,” Wiers says. “We are always looking for the right partners who represent the authority within their industry to amplify our customers’ experience.”

    For MacDonald and Bucky, the new partnership continues to build the company, which generated $4 million in sales last year and expects to double that number in 2022. Streamlined product offerings and a design aesthetic are key to that expansion. “With us, there are eight door options—we won’t confuse you and drown you out with 45 different shades of white,” he says. “We don’t… we try to be everything to everyone. That is the thing that I think is more scalable.”

    Homepage image: The Boxi Oat Slab and Rejuvenation Trask Drawer | Courtesy of Boxy


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