Celebrities are now banned from promoting gambling in the UK

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

New laws in the UK will ban celebrities, influencers and social media personalities from promoting gambling brands and products. Changes to the rules will be introduced by the Committee on Advertising Practice (CAP) in October 2022 and are intended to prevent minors from being inspired to gamble illegally at a young age.

The regulator’s new policy includes any character seen as a “strong attraction” to a younger audience, and thus excludes YouTube, Instagram and TikTok stars and those who have appeared on social media. Famous Reality TV Shows. CAP Director, Shahryar Kopal, commented: “By ending these practices, our new rules call for a new era of gambling advertising, specifically for an adult audience that they can target and more appropriate for the age-restricted product they are promoting.”

Many gambling companies have already voluntarily stopped advertising on television before the drop point (9pm) and during live sports broadcasts. Now, activists want other forms of media to break away from reliance on gambling companies. In the Premier League, nine of the 20 teams during the 2021-22 season had their bookmakers sponsoring them – meaning that children and young adults are exposed to their brand on a weekly basis. Expected to be another Next rule change When the UK government publishes its review of gambling law later this year.

There is still concern that some of the most popular internet platforms, including YouTube and Twitter, still allow younger audiences to view gambling content unless they proactively opt out of seeing such promotions in their settings.

Get creative

Using celebrities to endorse your products and services is a technique that companies have used for more than a century. For example, famous baseball stars like Babe Ruth have been paid a great deal to promote tobacco since the early 1900s.

The new laws will certainly affect the marketing efforts of many companies. There is no doubt that they will need to be more creative in their marketing to overcome the loss of celebrity endorsements, with Like Ben Affleck Previously used to promote casino games. It will almost certainly increase the need for gambling companies to create “viral” videos and ads, and promote their various products using non-famous faces and characters.

The truth is that many gambling companies don’t have the budget or desire to use celebrities in their marketing anyway, and some have independently come up with unique ways to promote themselves. There are many aggregator sites in the online casino space that combine the best bonuses, promotions and games the industry has to offer – generating traffic while offering tangible rewards to players. The Famous Megaways Slots, which includes a game mechanic that offers more ways to win in each spin, is just one part of the sector that has benefited from collecting. With this tactic, players can…

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