Celebrities who live among us in more normal parts of London from Graham Norton to First Dates’ Fred

If you were asked to think about the areas in the capital that celebrities move to, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that half of them live in Kensington. The Beckham family is said to own a home near Holland Park, with its own gym, wine cellar and separate living area for their eldest son, Brooklyn.

Plenty of other celebrities around the capital live in areas most of us can only dream of, from Hampstead to Chelsea. But there are some famous faces who live in some “normal” parts of London, so here’s where to go if you fancy bumping into someone you saw on TV.

Fred Sirix – Beckham

Fred shares a snapshot of his dining room
It’s impossible to hate Fred, he’s so friendly

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Long-time resident of Beckham, Fred Sirius has been living there for over 20 years since moving to the UK. He told The Resident he chose the area because it’s cheap.

As with many celebrities, the Covid lockdowns have meant fans got an insight into his home, which appears to feature a wardrobe. Beckham is now considered one of London’s coolest neighbourhoods, with vibrant streets filled with African food shops, cool bars and old school pubs.

Graham Norton – Wapping

a According to Hello magazine, the popular BBC One presenter lives in Wapping, a fairly neat part of East London. Located on the north bank of the River Thames, in the Tower Hamlets district of London, it has a rich landscape and an interesting history.

Kate and Rio Ferdinand – Bromley

Kate and Rio have become one of the most popular showbiz couples in the UK

Bromley is often seen, and erroneously, at Kent, though so far from central London we are willing to compromise. It is ideal for those looking to drive a reasonable distance into the city, and for those who want a bit of peace and quiet rather than the hustle and bustle of the interior.

This includes Kate and Rio Ferdinand, who are said to live a normal life in the area with their children. Rio himself has been seen serving customers at his wife’s local donut shop, Dolly Donuts.

Daisy Rascal – Orpington

Apparently rap legend Daisy Rascal has long been a resident of Orpington in southeast London.

Tom Holland & Stormzy – Kingston upon Thames

It is said that Spider-Man star Tom and Stormzy do not live far from each other

This one is disputed. The Spider-Man actor confirmed that he was born and raised in Kingston upon Thames, despite rumors that he bought a luxury property in Richmond with his girlfriend Zendaya, which he denied in an interview with Kelly and Ryan. Stormzy also confirmed that he lived in Kingston when he was on The Graham Norton Show with Holland.

Dave – Sorbiton

This has not been confirmed, but it will put the famous rapper on the road from Holland and Stormzy. In God’s Eye 2019 song, Dave talks about “moving from London” and how “the Federal raided Sorbiton”. Conversely, Sorbiton is in London a lot, not Surrey as many people mistakenly believe.