Could a personal trainer be the key to maintaining your fitness regime this summer?

    With the summer holidays approaching, many people’s minds are returning to the New Year’s resolutions regarding fitness that have been abandoned since January. A personal trainer can be just what they need to get back on track to achieve their goals.

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    Valley Cottage, NY – (ReleaseWire) – 04/27/2022 – These days, there are endless ways to pursue your fitness goals: take classes online or in person, attend a gym for one-on-one workout sessions, or even use an app For guidance workouts at home.

    However, there are also many obstacles to maintaining a fitness regime in the long term. It’s common for people with great intentions to start out strong and then see their commitment fade away when they face certain challenges. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of people quit 3 months after joining a gym in January.

    Those looking to improve their fitness levels in the run-up to the summer may find that a personal trainer can help them avoid some of the most common reasons for skipping a routine.

    One of the reasons people struggle to stay motivated is because they set themselves unrealistic goals. When they fail to achieve these goals, they experience disappointment and feelings of worthlessness or anxiety.

    According to research, people who overestimate exercise results are more likely to eventually give up on exercise programs. This is why part of a personal trainer’s job is to take the overall goals of their clients and turn them into smaller, more manageable goals with reasonable schedules.

    Another factor affecting people’s ability to maintain their fitness regime is inadequate or improper nutrition. Understandably, exercise should be abandoned if someone’s body does not feel comfortable.

    However, personal trainers don’t just design workout plans. They can also advise on food plans that serve their clients’ goals, making them feel strong and energized to boost their performance.

    When a person is injured, they are often no longer able to exercise in the same way. With a personal trainer, injury is less likely because they show their clients proper form and ensure that the exercises are performed safely.

    New gym members may experience a drop in motivation if they are intimidated by the equipment or the environment during their first visits. Fear that many experiences can be frustrating, and this is such a common phenomenon that a New York publication gave it its own name: the gym.

    However, those with a personal trainer are supported by their initial inconvenience. They learn about the equipment and exercises they do to increase their comfort levels. This means that they can enjoy exercising more.

    When you ask people why they gave up on their fitness goals, they will often say they didn’t have enough time or motivation to keep going. A personal trainer is an excellent solution to both problems.

    Workouts can be organized according to a flexible schedule, at a time that suits the client. Whether someone prefers to exercise early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekends, this can be organized.

    Having someone like a personal trainer can also increase motivation as it adds an extra layer of accountability.

    How do? Well, when a client experiences an understandable lull in their energy or drive, the personal trainer is not only able to remind them of their own fitness goals, but they are also able to adapt the workout to suit their mood and needs at the moment.

    Anyone at home who uses a fitness app to exercise can get bored by repeating the same activities over and over. Personal trainers ensure their clients experience variety in their workouts, always keeping them fun and challenging.

    It’s normal for those who exercise alone to stay in their comfort zone; However, this may hinder their progress.

    In turn, a personal trainer is qualified to determine when a client is ready to move to the next level, and can safely increase the intensity and difficulty of the workout accordingly.

    One of the most motivating factors that encourage people to stick to their fitness regime is when they see results. This is likely to happen with a personal trainer who has the experience and expertise to design effective training plans, tailored to each individual client’s strengths, needs, and goals.

    Those who struggled to maintain an exercise routine in the first quarter of the year might consider using personal training services to get them back on track with their fitness goals.

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