Famous Taurus – women and men like Lizzo, Noah Centineo

    Basically, everyone can use good Taurus in their life – Taurus is known for compassion, loyalty and love of luxury. So when you need to score a restaurant, a self-care day, or an extra rest, these people will do it Always Come to the “Treat yourself” section.

    The sign is ruled by Venus (the planet of love and beauty), which explains their eye for aesthetics and an appreciation of ~the finest things~. Taurus also happens to be an earth sign, which is why individuals born during Taurus season tend to be stable and crave stability. Plus they’re pretty much loyal as hell. Solid as rock these guys.

    While Taurus are often portrayed as stubborn domestic bodies, they are much more complex than that. They can be highly motivated and determined individuals who know how to set goals and work towards them at their own pace. With their work ethic and love of all things cool, it makes sense that Hollywood is full of Taurus legends! A number of your favorite celebrities were born from April 20 to May 20 and display their Taurus traits all the time. Here, we’ve rounded up 26 of the best ones. Check them out which of them surprise you!

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    Megan Fox: Born May 16, 1986


    Kelly Clarkson: born April 24, 1982


    Cher: Born May 20, 1946

    What a special member of the team. Plus Twitter her It is the perfect guide to the blunt realism of Taurus. Sticking to caps lock is everything.


    Miranda Cosgrove: born May 14, 1993

    I mean, the actress has been hard at work doing successful projects since she was a kid. What else could a fixed earth sign be?


    Penelope Cruz: born April 28, 1974

    This movie star presents herself with such charm and grace all the time. It makes sense, given that Venus rules Taurus. She is basically a relative of Aphrodite.


    Channing Tatum: born April 26, 1980

    Channing happens to be the Sun of Taurus, Virgo, and he’s pretty scared of how accurate his astrological chart is. I mean, Watching it is weird.


    Robertine Pattinson: born May 13, 1986

    With his classic good looks and self-deprecating sense of humor, Robert Pattinson makes being a Taurus look good. R-Patz is also the “Triple Taurus”.


    Gigi Hadid: born April 23, 1995

    You can always count on a Taurus to deliver a look, and Gigi is absolutely known for that. But when she’s not killing the game with her eye-catching street style, she’s embracing Taurus’ love of delicious food. Their nutritional posts are bound to make you hungry.


    Adele: Born May 5, 1988

    Taurus has a talent for the arts, which explains Adele’s musical prowess. Many of her words also show classic Taurus loyalty, for example the sentence, “When you wonder if I’m going to lose my way home / Just remember that no matter what, I’ll be yours alone.” Aww.


    Al-Kahlani: Born on April 24, 1995

    R&crooner proudly autographs and regularly shares musings about her Taurus tendencies on social media. To celebrate the start of last year’s Taurus, she said announce, “Let’s eat and bake unheard wine with pretty labels in bed.” Trustworthy.


    Noah Centineo: Born May 9, 1996

    The To all the boys I’ve loved before star once chirp He loves spending time with nature when he’s having a rough day. Reconnect with Mother Earth to feel comfortable again? Classic Taurus.


    Lana Condor: Born May 11, 1997

    Yeah. Not only do Lana and Noah share the onscreen chemistry in To all the boys I’ve loved before, but they also share a sign (maybe the reason for all the chemistry…?). Lana once sat down with Cosmo Council astronomer(s) Alisa Kelly to read her horoscope in a video that you can watch here!


    Stephen Colbert: born May 13, 1964

    Taurus makes great speakers/hosts. Probably why Steven could sit down with anyone interesting from Nicki Minaj to Ted Cruz.


    Jessica Alba: born April 28, 1981

    She is known for her good looks and screen presence, but Jessica is also a successful businesswoman. In 2011, she co-founded The Honest Company, which was worth $1.7 billion in 2015. A Taurus sure knows how to secure income.


    Sabrina Carpenter: born May 11, 1999

    You might be wondering why there are so many talented singers in Taurus? Perhaps because Taurus rules the throat. ~The more you know~.


    Rami Malek: Born May 12, 1981

    Have you ever noticed the slow and measured way so many Taurus tend to speak? If you haven’t, just check out any interview with Rami Malek. Or that the odd hotel ad did.


    Dwayne Johnson: born May 2, 1972

    I mean, come on, what better earth sign nickname than The Rock?


    Travis Scott: April 30, 1992

    Nobody likes rodeos more than Travis. He was the inspiration behind his 2015 full album/tour. He even sold bull-riding-themed merchandise. Bulls aren’t just a rodeo staple… they’re also the symbol of Taurus!


    Sam Smith: born May 19, 1992

    In the words of LaurenInk on Twitter“Sam Smith and Adele are two powerful reminders that you should never ditch a Taurus.”


    Lizzo: Born April 27, 1988

    “Hi, I’m Lizzo…. I’m a Taurus. I love hiking at Da Beach and meditating on ice cream.” –Lizo2017


    Blac Chyna: Born May 11, 1988

    The reality star loves to post pictures of her glamorous lifestyle. Nobody lives for luxury like a Taurus.


    Jojo Siwa: Born May 19, 2003

    She single-handedly built an entertainment empire for 16-year-olds.


    Henry Cavill: born May 5, 1983


    Charlie D’Amelio: born May 1, 2004

    The 15-year-old TikTok sensation is full of insightful bull likes. For example, is one time chirp, “Busy day but I’m hungry.” Really makes you think


    Queen Elizabeth II: born April 21, 1926

    the Bull be Known to love the beautiful home space. I think Buckingham Palace should suffice.


    Joe Kerry: Born April 24

    This picture says it all. Look at the flag of Taurus.

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