Fans of HBO’s Minx will love the ’70s inspired decor

    Joyce and the first cover star on the MINX TV show

    Courtesy of HBO

    From interiors to fashion, ’70s style is on trend once again. Disco balls are everywhere. Luminous pants are available. And there’s no shortage of geometric patterns and bold colors at every turn, including on the latest TV shows to pique your interest like HBO. minx. Set in 1970s Los Angeles, the erotic comedy series — which has been renewed for a second season — is an excellent source of inspiration. Naturally, we enlisted interior designer Douglas Mowat for tips on how to bring the best of period elements into your home.

    “As of all time, decorating in the ’70s was multifaceted,” Mowat explains. “You have early ’70s dirt, late ’70s disco in chrome and mirrors, with all sorts of differences in between.”

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    An earthy-tone palette is a good start, including brown, avocado, orange, and gold. “There was also a wild mix of red, purple, and orange (think of David Hicks’ living room Salome Britwell, which I was fortunate enough to visit in 1977 or 1978 while studying in England)—a hangover from the psychedelic end of the 1960s.”

    Other touches include natural textures, wood, jute, fur, macrame, and pottery. “Don’t be afraid to mix in some antiques,” Mowat adds. “Use a bold graphic palette above a traditional console table, or flip the motif and pair the Parsons laminate dining table with rustic French chairs. The ’70s were very experimental, too.”

    at minxMowat explains that showing the multi-dimensional aspect of 1970s decor was intentional—”from Joyce’s eclectic apartment, to hippie chick Bambi’s bungalow, to Shelley’s cramped suburban home, to Maggie’s sophisticated New York apartment.”

    Whether you buy cozy velvet floor pillows or decorate the dinner table with emerald green wine glasses, any of the pieces in front of you—some actually vintage picks from the ’70s—will liven up your home.

    Display this orange ceramic lamp with blue and white floral motifs as is, or give it a custom touch by adding woven frills along the bottom of the white lampshade (as Moat did on a pair of old orange ceramic lamps in Doug’s office!).

    Macrame hangers are perfect for hosting pretty pots with favorite indoor plants in them. They will add a boho touch to any bedroom or kitchen.

    Any living room can instantly become more comfortable with just a few floor pillows, like this velvet one available in different sizes and colors. Moat recommends placing it “on a deep rug around a low copper and glass coffee table.”

    In Joyce’s apartment, a rattan table in the shape of an elephant, topped with potted plants, sits near her television. Upgrade the concept with this basket, which you can place a plant on top And Used to store blankets and other accessories.

    Despite its name, this avocado-colored paint is a great choice for creating a ’70s-inspired look in your home. Use it on everything from kitchen cabinets to an accent wall in your office.

    With a crochet blanket like this one, you can bring vibrant colors and floral motifs into your home—all in one cozy touch.

    Crochet Square Throw Pillow

    Or if the blanket covers a very large area, consider placing a pillow in the same vein. It will add pops of color without being too overwhelming.

    Rust orange rug

    The rich rust color of this rug paired with its rugged, shaggy texture makes it the perfect warm piece.

    1970s Mid-Century Patchwork Burl Dining Table by Drexel

    One of the many pieces that Mowat was excited to showcase minx It’s the Parsons knot veneer patchwork dining table—found by his decorator/buyer Jenny Harris and spotted at the apartment dinner scene in New York. You can shop this very A similar one from the 1970s on Chairish.

    Emerald green stem wine glasses, set of 2

    Also featured in the dining room scene are beautiful emerald green wine glasses. Add them to your dining room tables with this equally attractive set of Estelle Colored Glass.

    Made of felt, this set of four earthy-colored coasters will make a cheerful addition to any coffee table or nightstand.

    Vintage 1970s Butterflies & Pussy Willow Embroidered Wall Decor

    Featuring butterflies and willows, this antique-framed embroidered piece offers subtle pops of color. It was once a gift for someone around 1972, according to a note on the back. Not to mention, it’s on sale at a discount of over 70 percent.

    Floral painted metal table lamp

    Mushroom lamps and mushroom decorations in general spend a moment. Available in seven colors, this painted metal will look good practically anywhere in your home.

    A mixture of earth tones and geometric patterns makes this wallpaper a great choice. Cover one wall in this pattern, or use it to fill an entire room.

    The ’70s weren’t all about earth tones. The disco moment of the era provided plenty of chrome accents. Combine one classic disco ball, hang it in different sizes, or display disco ball-inspired shapes, such as cherries or mushrooms.

    1970s mid century rattan etager

    With an antique rattan bookshelf—which looks like the bookshelf found in Joyce’s apartment—you can upgrade your TV stand or bar area. Use outside shelves to display valuable books and decorative items.

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