From Jason Segel and Kevin Hart to Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore

    Celebrities love telling “before they were famous” tales.

    Working as a waiter or barista, driving from audition to audition, and nearly giving up before that life-changing phone call, there’s no denying that Hollywood loves a good struggle story.

    A big part of getting on your journey to success and fame is having a celebrity roommate. A potential colleague or founding star to share scripts, give test tips and get upset when they leave their soiled dishes in the sink.

    from Brad Pitt Beverly Hills 90210 Roommate, for Jamie Dornan’s famous bedroom duo, here are 20 celebrity companions…

    James Corden and Dominic Cooper

    James Corden and Dominic Cooper only had one piece of cutlery in their London apartment.  France Press agency

    Host Late Late Show and the Mama Mia! The actor are longtime friends who lived together in London. Corden credits Cooper with introducing him to his wife, and the couple remembered their time together in an apartment in the British capital, on The Corden Show.

    “We only had one piece of cutlery, which was a spoon,” Cooper said. “And I remember a really frustrating evening where he caught me. He came home and I was eating spoon-baked beans.”

    Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne

    “Eddie has been one of my best mates for a long time, and now we have, you know, five kids between us, and we’re probably kind of a stable type of person, probably” Belfast Star Jamie Dornan about his former roommate Eddie Redmayne. “But we had a lot of fun at the time.”

    The couple shared an apartment in Los Angeles and revealed how often the same scripts would be sent for roles.

    Justin Long and Jonah Hill

    The Die Hard 4.0.0 Update The actor talked about living with Very bad A star in Hollywood during the mid-2000s.

    “We’re still great friends but it must be like an old couple,” Long said. “We started out with little fights like he left the bathroom door open, and he didn’t clean up after him. Little things like that.”

    Sienna Miller and Bobby Delevingne

    Bobby Delevingne and Sienna Miller moved from London to New York.  Getty Images

    The actress and socialite Cara Delevingne’s sister shared an apartment in New York in 2008 after moving from London to the Big Apple.

    “She was totally my hero at the time,” Delevingne said of two thousand star. “She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and that’s not as common as you think.”

    Jason Segel and Kevin Hart

    The two comedians found themselves living together in 2001, after writer and director Judd Apatow asked them to be roommates while filming a TV pilot, in a move meant to help future stars bond.

    “None of us have had this much success so far, and Judd Apatow, in a strange move, had Kevin Hart live with me for about six months,” Siegel said. Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “I lived in a one-bedroom apartment and all of a sudden, Kevin Hart was living with me, and he’d say, ‘Hey man, are you making breakfast? I want some.'”

    Brad Pitt and Jason Priestley

    The thirteen oceans actor and Beverly Hills 90210 The star was roommates in the late ’80s.

    Priestley revealed that the couple had rivalries over who could go the longest without showering or shaving, and that Pitt once gave him a large-lettered Bible for Christmas.

    Frances McDormand and Holly Hunter

    Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand become roommates after breaking up with their friends.  France Press agency

    The Oscar-winning couple were roommates in New York in the early 1980s, and moved in together after breaking up with their friends.

    “Fran is as amazing as she looks,” said Hunter. Eagle. “We had a blast. We stayed there for two years.”

    Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas

    The Hollywood stars have been friends for decades, and have starred in three movies together. They first met when they moved into an apartment together in New York, in the 1960s.

    “He was a great roommate,” Douglas said of his time living with DeVito. “It was a magical time. We were getting paid to work!”

    Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow

    Before they both became old, it was Happy Gilmore The actor shared an apartment in Los Angeles with director Apatow.

    “Adam has always had a rental car. Apatow has literally not bought a car for 12 years, adding that the actor’s car was filled with empty McDonald’s bags.

    Sandler left after joining the cast Saturday Night Live And moving to New York.

    Diana Agron and Lea Michele

    Playing enemies on their show 'Glee', Dianna Agron and Lea Michele were close on sets.  France Press agency

    Perhaps they were enemies in their successful show cheerfulbut the actresses were so close on set that they moved in together during filming.

    “We were going to take these slams at work and come home and say, ‘Wasn’t it funny when we were fighting today? Let’s make cookies! ” New York Magazine.

    Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

    The Oscar-winning couple’s decades-long friendship is a Hollywood legend, and in addition to being best friends, the pair also used to live together in Venice Beach, California.

    “We rented this beach house in Venice and 800 people came and stayed with us,” Affleck said. “Then we ran out of money and had to get an apartment.”

    Connie Britton and Lauren Graham

    Connie Britton and Lauren Graham lived in an empty house they weren't supposed to be in.  France Press agency

    The Friday night lights actress and Gilmore Girls The star lived together in the late ’90s, although the term “squat” is perhaps more appropriate.

    Britton admitted that the couple lived in an “empty house we weren’t supposed to live in,” he said, “We had no furniture and all we ate were Rice Krispies Treats.”

    Jamie Dornan and Andrew Garfield

    Part of a friendship group that includes British actors recklessCharlie Cox and Batman Star Robert Pattinson, Dornan also shared an apartment with Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield.

    “We’ve known each other for 17 years and there were times when we didn’t work much and it didn’t happen to us,” Dornan said of his friendship with Garfield.

    Raven Simon and Lindsay Lohan

    Raven-Symone said Lindsay Lohan paid the rent for their apartment but she was rarely around.  France Press agency

    Back during the Disney days, This is very crow Actress Raven Simon and I mean girls Lindsay Lohan shared an apartment. However, the two actresses did not spend that much time together.

    “I paid the rent, and she was probably there three times,” Simone said. us weekly. “She had her clothes in the apartment, we were supposed to live together.”

    Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake

    Although not roommates in the traditional sense, Ryan Gosling moved in with Justin Timberlake’s family when the teenagers were working at Disney Mickey Mouse Club.

    Timberlake told Ellen DeGeneres, “Ryan’s mom had to keep her job in Canada the second year we were on the TV show and my mom was his custodian for six months. So we were actually living together when we were that age.”

    Ben Badgley and Milo Ventimiglia

    Ben Badgley borrowed his roommate Milo Ventimiglia's ID card to get into bars.  France Press agency

    gossip girl And you Actor Badgley sharing an apartment with her this is us Star Ventimiglia, when Badgley was 18 and his roommate was 28. The actor made sure the age gap worked in his favour.

    “When I was 18,” he said, “my roommate was Milo Ventimiglia, and he was 28 at the time.” bulit. I used to borrow his ID to get into bars. I still get it somewhere.”

    Robert Downey Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland

    After the meeting on the filming site 1969The two actors moved in together, sharing an apartment in Los Angeles for three years in the 1980s.

    Downey Jr spoke about his condolences to Sutherland after his split Sex and the City Actress Sarah Jessica Parker. The Iron Man The actor also praised the work ethic of his former roommates, saying, “He is and remains a very disciplined man.”

    Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson

    Wes Anderson wrote a research paper for Owen Wilson.  France Press agency

    The quirky couple met in a screenwriting class at the University of Texas at Austin. French Dispatch The writer and director said that although he and Wilson did not speak to each other in class, they later became friends and roommates.

    “I wrote a term paper for Owen,” Anderson said, “although that wasn’t exactly a collaborative effort.”

    Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore

    The Academy Award winning actor and former US Vice President got together for four years during their time at Harvard University.

    Husband hit from the start with gore calling fugitive Star of “A Wonderful Guy And A Wonderful Friend For Life”.

    Ed Westwick and Chase Crawford

    Ed Westwick and Chase Crawford, fans of 'Gossip Girl', met while filming the series.  France Press agency

    After they both won major roles in the hit TV show gossip girl Like Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald, the two actors decided to move in together in an apartment in New York, where the series was filmed.

    “Ed has never lived so far from his home country, let alone lived in a different country,” Crawford said. “We agreed and concluded that it would be a smart financial move.”

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